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Niche Magazines For The Elites

millionaire Asia india edition

I was walking through the airport this weekend, wrapping up a long business trip, when I spotted a pile of magazines available for people to read. On the top of the pile was one called Millionaire Asia: India Edition.

The featured headline on the cover was Great Power, Great Responsibility, followed by Party Hotspots For VIPs Only, Guide To Yachting Holidays. Great responsibility, huh?

I found myself wondering what the chances were that a millionaire from India would be hanging out in the airport lounge. I didn’t see any while I was there – unless they were slumming it in disguise.

What other niche magazines for financial elites might be published? How about:

Luxury Handbag Walk-In Closet Enthusiast

Gated Community Today


House Collector: Cottage Getaway Edition

Any other ideas?

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