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Jeb Bush Begins His 2016 Presidential Campaign With Corruption

It’s official: Jeb Bush is running for President in 2016.

The opening of the Jeb Bush for President campaign begins, however, with just the kind of doublespeak that we all remember from the days of George W. Bush.

This morning, in a message to his followers, Jeb Bush wrote that he will now “actively explore” running for President. This strange phrasing is just a legal formality that will allow Bush to raise money without yet taking on the complete responsibility of a fully functional presidential campaign. Bush’s statement read:

“I have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for President of the United States.

In January, I also plan to establish a Leadership PAC that will help me facilitate conversations with citizens across America to discuss the most critical challenges facing our exceptional nation. The PAC’s purpose will be to support leaders, ideas and policies that will expand opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

In the coming months, I hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of America.”

Jeb Bush will establish a Leadership PAC that will help him facilitate conversations with citizens across America? What does that mean? Bush already has social media accounts on places like Facebook and Twitter, through which he could have conversations with interested citizens. There’s nothing stopping Bush from simply going around and having conversations with people, is there? Bush is already filthy rich, so he could just hop on a plane and go around the country having conversations, right?

billionaires for bush 2016The Jeb Bush Leadership PAC won’t be about having conversations of the sort that typical Americans have. In the ultra-wealthy world that Jeb Bush comes from, conversations are had using the language of money. When Jeb Bush talks about how his Leadership PAC “will expand opportunity and prosperity”, he’s talking about building political connections between himself and other wealthy and politically connected Republicans. The Leadership PAC will make donations to other politicians, purchasing networks of obligation that Jeb Bush will be able to exploit during the GOP presidential primary season.

When Jeb Bush talks preparing to “visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of America,” just who do you think he’s going to visit with and talk to? It won’t be rank and file Republican voters. Jeb Bush will only been meeting and conversing with rich Republicans who can give him, and the shadowy super PACs that will flank his presidential campaign, more money than most Americans can hope to make through an entire decade of work.

So, Jeb Bush is beginning with his 2016 campaign with a signal that his campaign is open for business, a pay to play organization. Jeb Bush 2016 will be an elites-only campaign, with bonds of allegiance forged though corrupt exchanges of cash.

Once again, it’s Billionaires for Bush.

10 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Begins His 2016 Presidential Campaign With Corruption”

  1. franklin d miranda says:

    the name bush needs to be removed from every piece of paper that has that name on it.there must be a outcry from any one who still lives in this coutry to make sure that the name bush is stricken from every where in this country..if this is the best the rep.have, you can bet any dem..will say the word bush,is to me like a cuss word..i have try to for get that accursed name.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Let’s try to forget this name of Bush AFTER we work to prevent Jeb Bush from being elected President in 2016.

  2. DrRGP says:

    Except for a couple religious ones describing a soon-coming apocalypse, I’ve never before visited a Web site that runs so many stories on all-but-impossible scenarios. Barring a complete collapse of about everything imaginable, Jeb Bush’s chances of winning a national election are somewhere between nil and zero. Go ahead, and just try to make a list of states that Bush can possibly carry the electoral votes of which add up to 270. They are not there. Now, about a well-researched story on the imminent danger of an alien invasion–not from south of the border but from outer space–that brings certain death of all humankind? That would worry me more than the prospects of another Bush winning a national election.

    On the other hand, fear, like sex, sells. Sooooo, maybe the point here is not realism per se, but simply writing scary stories that people like to read because, for some, a good fright can be exciting in a perverse kind of way. So, thank you for that, Mr. Clifford.

  3. J Clifford says:

    DrRGP, I don’t think that we know as much about the future as you think we know. The final general election is almost two years away, the primaries a bit over a year away… but the contest for organization has already begun, even for those candidates who haven’t yet even declared exploratory committees.

    When a former governor from a family that includes two living ex-presidents declares his own candidacy, it’s a big deal.

    To respond more directly, first I’ll point to this weekend’s McClatchy-Marist poll, which places Jeb Bush in 2nd place for the Republican nomination, not far away from Mitt Romney. ( See

    You want a list of states Jeb Bush could win to get 270 electoral college votes? Okay.

    Let’s start with Florida, where he was elected governor. That’s an easy 29 electoral college votes. Then, we get the following likely red state votes:

    Alaska: 3
    Idaho: 4
    Montana: 3
    North Dakota: 3
    South Dakota: 3
    Wyoming: 3
    Nebraska: 5
    Iowa: 6
    Indiana: 11
    Pennsylvania: 20
    West Virginia: 5
    Utah: 6
    Colorado: 9
    Kansas: 6
    Missouri: 10
    Kentucky: 8
    Arizona: 11
    New Mexico: 5
    Oklahoma: 7
    Texas: 38
    Arkansas: 6
    Louisiana: 8
    Tennessee: 11
    North Carolina: 15
    Mississippi: 6
    Alabama: 9
    Georgia: 16

    That’s 275 votes right there, all from states that could plausibly vote for Jeb Bush, not even counting Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Maine, which all could go either way.

    I don’t KNOW that Jeb Bush will prove popular in all of these states, but you don’t KNOW that his success there is “all-but-impossible”.

    George H.W. Bush had a wreck of a term in the White House, and then a son with his same first name took the Republican nomination and the general election (with the help of the Supreme Court) in 2000. For you to totally discount Jeb Bush is, I think, naive.

    Now that I’ve addressed your challenge, I’d like to issue one to you: Given your prophetic powers to tell who and who cannot win the next presidential election, I’d like you to list the candidates who you think ARE contenders.

    1. DrRGP says:

      Thank you for your very well-informed reply, Mr. Clifford. We are, of course, on the same page, opposed, that is, to a third President Bush. Given my intellectual orientation (David Hume-F. J. Teggart-Robert Nisbet- Nassim Taleb) and lifelong interest in epistemology, I’m probably the last person living who really believes he can predict anything in human affairs. So, yes, of course, I cannot really know the outcome of future political events. Please forgive the hyperbole (e.g., the “all-but-impossible” assertions) that often accompanies spirited disagreement, even with someone of similar convictions.

      That said, and barring some unlikely calamity or event (e.g., collapse of the national economy or irreparable stumbling of the opposition), I do not see much of a chance for any of the current crop of Republicans to win a national election, including Jeb Bush. Demographics and voting patterns make that an exceptionally long shot, except, as noted, under extraordinary—not business as usual—circumstances.

      I believe, then, that your worries, are way overdone. (But thank you nonetheless for your concerns.) Republicans, unless they move left of centre, becoming more like Democrats, are slowly following their forebears, the Whigs, to the dustbin of history—i.e., to extinction. Their base, which includes whites, especially older men, Evangelical or otherwise conservative Christians, Tea Partiers who haven’t yet bolted to the Libertarians, and rural dwellers and those engaged in agriculture and ranching generally, is shrinking every year. And, their money notwithstanding, taken-for-granted allies of the Republicans—“Wall-Streeters,” “one-percenters” and “the rich” generally—are, by definition, few in numbers, and not always themselves on the same political page (e.g., Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, celebrities and entertainers, etc.).

      By contrast, the base of the Democrat Party (and I don’t say “Democratic” because the party is not really democratic but oligarchical in organization) is growing in numbers, thus voter strength.

      Now, looking at your list, which clearly reflects extensive political knowledge, and for which thank you, I would suggest only a few emendations, but, for me, at least, they are enough not only to assuage any fear I have of a third Bush presidency, but to eliminate it altogether.

      First, we can (I believe with almost certainty) scratch Pennsylvania and Iowa from Mr. Bush’s column (26 electoral votes).

      Second, we can (I believe with confidence, but not absolute certainty), scratch Colorado and New Mexico from Mr. Bush’s column, even allowing for Mr. Bush’s fluency in Spanish, which will be attractive to Hispanic voters (14 electoral votes).

      If my prognostications are correct, that leaves 235 electoral votes, 35 short of the 270 needed.

      Third, turning to your states “that could plausibly vote for Bush,” we may, I believe, eliminate the three states that, for many past elections Republicans said they could win, but never did win, namely, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

      Then, there are Ohio, Nevada, N. H., and Maine, which, together, represent 32 electoral votes. Ohio and Nevada are usually possible wins for the Republicans; Maine and N. H., not so much. But winning all four of these states would still leave Mr. Bush short by three electoral votes.

      And I haven’t even mentioned that, from what I have seen, heard, and read to date, Jeb Bush is the least apt or effective campaigner in his family, and that, especially in close elections, Democrats have perfected the political art of “finding,” sometimes at the last minute, just the needed number votes to win state elections as well as their state’s electoral votes in national elections.

      I don’t think a Las Vegas “line” on a possible Bush presidency is available yet (though it should be very soon), but, when it is, we should both follow it over the coming twenty-three months for the present comfort and future hope it will surely provide us.

  4. Ohio Vietnam war vet. says:

    Mr. Clifford, I agree with you 100%. For the Unbelievers in Class Warfare, the Truth hurts. I would suggest that you do a blog on the criminal aspects of the Bush family and, specifically, Jeb. Have you watched Greg Palast’s 2003 BBC report, “Bush Family Fortunes?” If not, I would be happy to send you a copy of the original program. Every American should have seen it in 2003 and everyone who cares about our country should see it now. Palast proved conclusively that Jeb, Katherine Harris (wow-read about her here: ) and Clayton Roberts conspired (others were involved, too) to steal the 2000 election in Florida for G.W. They used over $4 million of taxpayer dollars to hire DBT Choicepoint to create the phony felons’ list. Lest anyone forget, Gore got over a half million more popular votes than G.W. So, G.W. “wins” Florida by 537 votes! According to Palast, at least 50,000 potential voters were turned-away from the polls because they were listed as convicted felons. Almost none were. If Jeb would rig and steal a presidential election for his brother, just imagine what he might do if HE is running for President. “Citizens United”, maybe the worst misnomer in U.S. history, would give JEBBY easy Billions. Here in Ohio, the brain-dead voters put in a real crook, Kriminal Kasich! Kasich went running to Adelson in Vegas this past summer to kiss…wallet and Johhny K. would (will) make sure any (R) wins the Un-Luck-eye State in 2016.

    At age 67, I am VERY pessimistic about the future of the Middle-class and our country. Apparently (last election proves it), Joe and Jane Average voters, especially in the GGG and A South, can’t figure out what the Plutocratic-controlled Rethuglican Party is doing—class warfare to take the U.S. back to the Gilded Age. And, some DINO’s are helping the Pluts. The Wall St. Banksters are obviously in control of Obama and Congress since none have spent a day in jail and they are monstrous criminals. When I served in our military during the Vietnam Disaster, we always said, “It’s SS-DD”—Same Sh*t, Different Day. But now, I am seriously afraid we are in FUBAR and “..beyond any repair” looks way too evident. I have a sign above my work station, “Those who ignore history are doomed to vote Republican.” That becomes more true daily. JEBBY? He should be in the skinny bar motel doing 20 for the federal crimes of conspiracy and stealing a presidential election. DITTO the rest of the Shrubbery!

  5. Michael Pimpinelli says:

    The mere fact that Jeb Bush has been endorsed by his brother to be president is in itself a disqualifier. It is amazing to me that history has been so kind former President Bush. It has been proven time and time again that there was absolutely no reason to invade Iraq except for control of oil in that country. It is also amazing that the world Court has not indicted him as a war criminal for the needless deaths of thousands of young Americans not to mention perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. His brother Jeb coming from the same heritage of big oil would most certainly make decisions favorable to big oil and big business. Unfortunately, our Supreme Court in the United citizens case gave big business the green light to buy state and national elections. In a number of speeches one of our greatest Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, enunciated the fact that if corporations were allowed to make unlimited campaign contributions to political candidates our country would be no longer be a democracy for the average American but an aristocracy for large corporations and wealthy individuals. And Teddy was a Republican. Even Republican Dwight Eisenhower warned the country of the military industrial complex’s ability to control the federal government. Unless American voters take the time to understand what each candidate really stands for and elects candidates who favor the middle class and not big business and middle class will eventually disappear resulting in only two classes. The very rich and the very poor. Perhaps we have already reached that point. Prior to the advent of television and the all powerful media, Americans voted based upon their own perception of the candidates rather than being brainwashed by talk radio and media television owned and controlled by big business. Unfortunately, the American voter has been so brainwashed that they have lost the ability to think independently. However, there is some hope from the younger generation of voters who tend to think for themselves and ignore the propaganda and brainwashing by the media owned and operated by big business. Perhaps the younger generation of voters will eventually turn the tide and return America to the middle class.

  6. DrRGP says:

    I apparently needed help with my math skills in my friendly 16 December reply to Mr. Clifford. The sentence in question should have read: “If my prognostications are correct, that leaves 230 [not 235] electoral votes, 35 short of the 270 needed.”

    1. DrRGP says:

      And also make that “40 [not 35] short of the 270 needed.” I would welcome–and I’m sure Mr. Clifford would as well–other informed opinions on what chance Mr. Bush has of securing the needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency–i.e., if he gets the nomination.

    2. DrRGP says:

      No, “error message,” this is not a duplicate message at all.

      And also make that “40 [not 35] short of the 270 needed.” I would welcome–and I’m sure Mr. Clifford would as well–other informed opinions on what chance Mr. Bush has of securing the needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency–i.e., if he gets the nomination.

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