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Free Color-In 2016 Electoral College Map

Yesterday, we had one of our Irregular Times readers pose an Electoral College challenge – could Jeb Bush actually put together enough state victories to win the general presidential election? To be able to address this challenge, it was necessary to refer to a list of the delegates that each state is able to send to the Electoral College.

Listing out the delegates by state is nice and orderly on a spreadsheet, but it’s more aesthetically pleasing when the exercise can be completed on a map – one colored in with red for Republican, blue for Democrat, and if you dare to dream, green for the Green Party.

Click on the image of the map below, and you’ll be taken to a PNG graphic file of a printable color-in map of the United States, showing the Electoral College delegates that are to be awarded by each state. Use this to follow the results as they come in on Election Night, to see who the next President of the United States will be.


Note: This map won’t help you track the primaries and caucuses that determine the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees for 2016. For that, download our free, printable 2016 presidential primary election maps.

One thought on “Free Color-In 2016 Electoral College Map”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Could Jeb Bush actually win the Electoral College in 2016?

    Now we ask, could he manage to come in third place in the GOP presidential primaries?

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