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Searching for McDonald’s in a Strange Land

McDonald's Restaurant invites me to search for locations of its restaurants by town, state or country

The McDonald’s Corporation invites me to search for locations of its restaurants by street, town or country.

Can McDonald's find locations in Belgium?

Let’s search for Belgium.

A Search for McDonald's Fast Food Joints in Belgium leads only to towns inside the USA


Does the McDonald's Corporation Recognize the existence of France

I must wipe off the remnants of this solitary jingoism, this isolationist melange, this je ne sais quoi. I shall search for France.

McDonald's Search for France Cannot Find This Location

France cannot be found? Who stole France? Was it you? … or was it the Hamburglar?

Will a Search for a McDonald's Restaurant in Canada Work

I shall attempt to search for Canada. This is not so unlikely. Canada is the fedora sitting atop America’s national brow. Who forgets her hat?

McDonald's Location Search for Canada goes Awry

That was not a rhetorical question.

2 thoughts on “Searching for McDonald’s in a Strange Land”

  1. Korky Day says:

    I just heard on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that Cuba might get McDonald’s.

    I hope not. I’d shut them all if I could.

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