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As Deniers Cry “Global Cooling,” the Globe Warms in Autumn 2014

At the WyoSkeptic blog, a new post has been placed in the “global cooling” category, a category that contains dozens of entries. WyoSkeptic’s latest post “shows” that global warming cannot be happening because the town of Gillette, Wyoming shows little change from 1978-2014.

The difference between Gillette, Wyoming over the past 36 years and the worldwide network of temperature readings over land and sea for the past 134 years is the difference between Wyoskeptic’s data and the data gathered by NASA’s Goddard Institute.

Updated through November 2014, here is the record of November temperature change at the global level:

NASA's Goddard Institute Temperature Anomaly Readings for the Globe, November 2014

And updated through the end of November 2014, here is the record of Northern Hemisphere autumnal temperatures (September, October, and November) at the global level, changing from 1880-2014:

NASA Goddard Institute Temperature Anomaly Data reveal Record Warmth for the Autumn months of the northern hemisphere in 2014

That’s what global warming looks like. It undeniably exists — unless you think Gillette, Wyoming is the whole world.

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