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A Plague of Frogs?

This morning, I found myself reading the Bible book of Exodus, which features six chapters describing ten plagues brought down upon the Egyptians by the god Yahweh in order to punish the Pharaoh for hemming in Yahweh’s favored ethnic group.

Almost all of the ten plagues of Egypt struck an eerie chord with me: bloody rivers, lice, flies, sick livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and dead babies inflict real, nasty damage. This Yahweh is no softy.

But then there are frogs. The second plague is… frogs. Frogs don’t kill people. They don’t kill livestock. They don’t eat crops. Frogs eat mosquitoes and flies and snakes and other nasty things that harass people and food. Sure, the god Yahweh sent frogs into people’s ovens, but people ate frogs in those days, so that would be more of a handy volunteer job for the household servants than a plague.

What’s the big deal with frogs? Why not a plague of typhus, or lava, or papyrus cuts?

One thought on “A Plague of Frogs?”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    According to the Torah, Judaism, and Kosher dietary laws (as well as Islam and Halal dietary laws), frogs are unclean animals among a whole list of unclean animals. Apparently, God doesn’t understand Egyptian or gentile cultures in general don’t share this idea of unclean animals.

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