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A Religious Lesson About Forgiveness

It’s a common claim that religions around the world teach the wisdom of forgiveness.

MoneyMatters101 writes, “Every major world religion teaches that forgiveness is necessary and important. Forgiveness is truly a universally accepted principle and provides common ground for love, acceptance, harmony and true happiness.”

“All major religions teach the necessity of forgiveness,” writes Help Starts Here.

“All the religions teach love, compassion and forgiveness,” writes Isthmus, while Psychology Today writes that, “All religions understand the healing power of forgiveness.”

throwing children against the rocksYou’ll forgive me if I’m confused, hearing these claims of the universality of forgiveness in religion, when I read the 137th Psalm, which ends with the following words of wisdom: “Blessed will be the one who pays you back for what you have done to us. Blessed will be the one who seizes your young children and pulverizes them against the cliff!” (International Standard Version).

This religious teaching doesn’t remain a mere abstract principle of vengeance and violence against children. It becomes manifest in Christian web sites such as Bare Naked Islam, which urges death to Muslim children, writing of the “Ghost Ship” off the coast of Italy, cast adrift with children and pregnant women among those onboard, “Let the hordes of Muslim illegal aliens die! They are already killing your culture and your economy. Italy keeps rescuing illegal alien Muslim invaders from stranded boats and giving them sanctuary. Then they wonder why Italy and other EU countries are being turned into crime-ridden Muslim welfare slums. Do what Australia did, start turning back ALL the boats and the Muslim parasites will quickly stop trying to invade you.”

bare naked islam violence against children

One thought on “A Religious Lesson About Forgiveness”

  1. Mark says:

    Forgiveness is possible only if you are a member of the same religion. Otherwise, “Death to the Infidels”.

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