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Amid the obvious, Fake Psychic Thomas John Strikes Out on 3 more Predictions for 2014

Someone who names himself the “Manhattan Medium” clearly wants to go somewhere. Thomas John seems to believe that the fake psychic business is his ride to Richville, and with a $1,000 fee to answer just two questions about dead relatives in a month, the potential for profit is significant.  To convince enough desperately grieving people to pay that price, he’s got to convince them that his completely invisible psychic powers to communicate with dead relatives are more than a sick joke.  And so Thomas John made 139 psychic predictions for 2014.

I fully expect Thomas John’s 139 psychic predictions to disappear from the internet within a few weeks, to be replaced by a much shorter list of the very few predictions that actually, indisputably came true.  These include:

“#19. India will also endure issues when it comes to hunger and pain.”


“#26. A political figure gets an STD.”

Hunger in India? A politician with a sexually-transmitted disease?  It doesn’t take a psychic to predict these downright certainties.  But let’s look at three other predictions for 2014 that weren’t trivial, making claims about events to come that were far from certain:

“#23. Bill Clinton will undergo open-heart surgery.”

“#24. Ruth Ginsberg steps down from her justice position.”

“#25. ObamaCare is repealed or ended in some way. It’s going off the books for a bit, but we will pass some sort of other national healthcare system.”

Reality says no, no, no.  These predictions simply didn’t come true.  Thomas John’s so-called “psychic” powers don’t work.  Surely he knows this, having made so many predictions and having failed his own test for psychic powers spectacularly.

The question is, now that he knows his supposed powers are surely faulty, why is Thomas John still charging desperate people $1,000 to answer two questions a month?

34 thoughts on “Amid the obvious, Fake Psychic Thomas John Strikes Out on 3 more Predictions for 2014”

  1. DrRGP says:

    Yes, of course, Mr. Cook, but the people who take seriously the likes of Thomas John aren’t likely among your readership–assuming, of course, that they can and do read.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You’re right, but they do occasionally try a google search, which is why I’m stating this for the record. I want the googlers to find a pinch of truth amid the bushels of hokum about this “psychic.”

  2. DrRGP says:

    That is a very good point, Mr. Cook. I hadn’t thought that at all. Thank you.

  3. A says:

    Thomas John Flanagan is his real name. He dropped the Flanagan to hide a bit better. He was arrested in Chicago 2009 for internet scams.

    These involved Craigslist, taking the money but not having the goods or services. Phony autographs, apartments that did not exist, etc.

    When this hit the press, it was revealed that he was also a drag queen, performing under the name Lady Vera Parker. Google any of this if you like.

    He apparently paid his fine and disappeared for a couple of years. Now he has a new and more lucrative scam going as a psychic.

  4. A says:

    That above is an article I found when googling his full name

  5. Jim Cook says:

    Do you have any documentation of these claims?

  6. EM says:

    i have met with Thomas John. he is the real deal… He is like anyone else who has made mistakes in his life; he’s allowed to change and move on! I am a skeptic but sitting with him, he knew some very initimate information that no one would of know within the group.
    Go ahead and bash him, bash karma will bite you back.

  7. Sarah says:

    I did not find him to be authentic! There was something shady about him. Why does he keep making notes? To remember where he was in the crowd of people and the details?

  8. Bessi says:

    Is it possible that he could look at the names of the people who come to his show and check their Facebook profiles for enough information to start the inquiry.

  9. sharon says:

    i dont know about his predictions, but i did get through a radio show to him as a medium and it was the most incredible and accurate reading i have ever gotten- all spot on including names- i called in abc radio and he would have no info about me as i called in last minute… so you would have to have a reading to make a decision. As for predictions i am not in to that , but his mediumship ability is amazing.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Look up “cold reading” to see how he managed this.

      1. sharon says:

        um i know what a cold reading is- hard to do when i said NOTHING to him- i asked for any info he was getting- he asked me no questions. so tell me how he cold read me? look up his archived shows on above and beyond on laura smith WABC and you will see 90 percent of the time he asks no questions. He asked me no questions yet knew my dads name -his parents names and also personal info- he did not see me as i was on the radio- I a very very discerning and know there are fakes but this man is not a fake- i experienced this. I dont give any information. Also a friend of mine went to a spirit circle in chicago. I am in NYC- he put his friend who came with him under a false name so they could not look up information- and yet this person got accurate info with the names of the deceased relatives. Also my father came through to my friend who is my ex with his name (a very unusual name my dad has) so here i am telling you i called in a radio show at the last minute with only my first name and got accurate info with no questions asked- and a friend went with another friend to an event with fake names and got accurate reading. When you accuse someone of being a fake then you should experience it first and use a fake name and give no info and see for yourself. I dont care if you believe or not, but i am telling the truth of my experience. listen to the archives of those shows and see how much info he asks for. none-

  10. sharon says:

    BTW as i said i know what a cold reading is but i looked up the official term and this is what it says” Without prior knowledge, a practiced cold-reader can quickly obtain a great deal of information by analyzing the person’s body language, age, clothing or fashion, hairstyle, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, level of education, manner of speech, place of origin, etc. Cold readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses.” Ok so i call a radio show with my first name WABC radio- he cant see me – no facial expressions. everything he said was right on including names so he asked no questions of me. and there was not one time where what he said did not make sense. I sent the reading to a cousin who is a skpetic and he said it was incredible that he did that with no info from me. He said my fathers parents first names- full first names with the nickname used- and personal info about my family and siblings- no questions- no body language could be seen through radio. So my dear sir, how is that a cold reading?

    1. sharon says:

      also just want to ass- i dont know what the $1000 fee is. I paid $200 to go to his spirit circle in NYC. The radio show reading was free. Also his readings which he has a year wait for are $300. I am all for having correct info. I also am very discerning and think there are man fakes out there that give people with real gifts a bad name. My experience with thomas has been incredible and helped me immensely. But please before you bash anyone get the facts right including how much he charges. i think the $1,000 was for a full day with him from what i remember.

      1. sharon says:

        i wrote i want to add…. spell correct is what i should be complaining about! i wish you all the best and it is good you are skeptical. But i felt i wanted to share my experience too here.

      2. Jim Cook says:

        Follow the link for documentation.

        1. Joe says:


          Get yourself a reading with Thomas John. Have 2 friends do the same thing. Then come back and report your findings. Please. Thank you

        2. Joe says:


          Thomas John does press, interviews, TV, radio all the time. You will find him to be sincere, open and easy to deal with.

          1. jules says:

            i agree- i actually got through ti abc radio last night called in and they only had my first name- he knew it was my friends anniversary of this death that say and he also knew my dogs name who died in 2008- a very unusual name and pronounced it as we do –so many other things- he is the most gifted psychic. there are fakes out there but thomas is not one. he is the real deal. also for the person who thinks he looks up things for spirit circle my ex went and him and his mother used fake names and got accurate info – please explain that. once again i am very aware there are scammers and fakes who cold read but thomas is the real deal. my dad has come through with his sense of humor which nobody could even know- personal jokes.

          2. jules says:

            sorry i meant he knew it was the anniversary of my friend death that exact day i called even though i only asked about my dad.

  11. stanley mackie says:

    My sister and I attended a Spirit Circle last week with Thomas John. The only gift he has is an extremely good memory and internet research skills. The first name he said to me was someone that was not even related to me, but he had assumed was my mother (it was my father’s first wife dating back from the 1960’s. I never even knew her. When my dad “came through” he did not reference one thing that I asked him to if he really could through. The only thing that was on the spot was the town where we live. (and that of course can be taken from my credit card we paid with). He then asked if I was in the finance or accounting field – which if you google my name there is a person in the Chicago area with the same name who is a CPA! When I said no, he seemed surprised and quickly moved on. When he came back to me he brought up names that had no relation to me and I had never heard of. Yet when I researched them at home I realized these people are on the internet and one of them was a teacher like he had reference during the session. And One of the people he had asked about what a someone that had Facebook friended my sister a month ago because they had same last name – even though there is no known relation. He also contacted my mother-in-law which was obvious because she recently passed and when you google my name her picture and obit comes up on the internet. He knew nothing personal about her or our relationship – he asked if she smoked – which she did – but just a very good guess as so many people smoked in those generations. Regarding my sister’s contacts – it was ALL found out on her Facebook page. From her daughter-in-law having cancer to a red bandana he referenced that he thought was her fiancee’s dad but was really from a photo he had posted on Facebook of a Willie Nelson drawing with him wearing a red bandana that was a favorite of his dad’s. If he was for real – my grandmother would have come through on my mother’s side – she was extremely close to my sister. But she didn’t because there was no reference to her anywhere on the internet or in any of the information he dug – which was all wrong anyway because he never did figure out who my real mother is. Very disappointing. I must say he puts on a good show – but that’s all it is. The only contact is he has with is not the other dimension – but the internet one.

    1. jules says:

      i am surprised what happened to you in the spirit circle- like i wrote above my ex went in chicago and him and his mom used fake names- and the info was all accurate. His mom used the name Esther which is actually my moms name! MY father came through with his nickname that nobody knows – as i said before in a year i got through to abc radio twice and the info was accurate there is no way to look up someones info on a radio show with a first name and phone number- I would suggest for the person writing this piece to go to thomas and see what your experience is. He even brought people through from the country in europe where my grandparents are from and they are not even listed on as no jewish records existed that we could find even with trying to find them for a year.

    2. sarah says:

      I had a similar experience. He could not come through with any family info at all. The one thing he
      hit on was a relative that had passed. That relatives obituary is online and all the info he told me, was in the
      obituary! All you have to do is take the persons name who paid for the session up front. Then google my name, uncles obituary. BOOM there is all the info. OR google aunt, obituary and my name….info comes up. You could google any relative description aunt, uncle, mother, father plus obituary, and the persons name on the credit card….boom all the info you need! Then go to the person facebook and if its not all locked up, theres a wealth of info as well. I found him to be shady.

  12. Dodi Bessent says:

    If Thomas John is the real deal then he needs to go Lily Dale New York where they test and verify that you are a real psychic, they stand behind their findings, example John Edwards, Sylvia Brown,and how can any psychic justify a payment of $1,000 for an emergency reading really, he seems like a scammer to me out to make a quick buck unfortunately gives true psychics a bad name.

  13. gianna says:

    I saw him “perform” last night. He targeted a family I know and started with the supposed info he was “receiving”. The family was overwhelmed and crying. I was very suspicious and looked up the info online about the girl who passed. The internet was full of MANY stories about her, including her published eulogy written by her sister. WORD FOR WORD HE FAKED RECIEVING THIS GIRL FROM THE OTHER SIDE AND CITED EVERYTHING YOU COULD GET ONLINE ABOUT HER! He is a scammer and taking huge advantage of very sad vulnerable people. He also cited several passings of soldiers, war vets…. ALL OF THIS IS ONLINE INFO! He gets a list of people who are attending first and then I AM CERTAIN LOOKS FOR STORIES. It was painful to seem him do this to the family I know. He is a real scammer. Disgusting, flamboyant new age narcissist.

    1. Lori says:

      Just trying to play devils advocate for a moment. Do you REALLY think he looks people up ahead of time???? C’mon. Do you know the energy and the effort it takes to do that? Just because its a public story DOES NOT MEAN he knew that in advance He truly is gifted and I bet if you ask the family you are close to, he gave details that were NOT published. Trust me, I’ve seen him in action and he’s legit. I’ve seen “behind the scenes” .

  14. Lori says:

    I will say having worked with Thomas John and watching him in action- he is 110% the REAL DEAL! Some people are truly blessed with this gift of mediumship , and he is one of them! I’m telling you- he does not “fish” he just knows. It’s amazing….there are always skeptics out there trying to punch holes . I mean think about it- would you call an architect a fraud for drawing up floor plans on a home you don’t particularly care for? No. Perhaps thats a bad analogy, but you catch my drift. Mediumship is a gift, an ability. This man has it, whether his predictions came true or not, I’m telling you he’s real and truly connects to our loves one who have passed on. And who cares about his past??? We all have chapters we don’t read out loud.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Lori, the phrase “110% the REAL DEAL” is an oxymoron.

      We don’t need to “punch holes”, Lori. Your account has no actual facts in it.

      You’re just giving an opinion with no evidence to back it up.

  15. Jan says:

    His predictions did come true. Bill Clinton did end up having heart surgery and Obamacare is being replaced.

    1. Fructose says:

      Is Obamacare being replaced, Jan?

      Thomas John made these predictions for 2014.


  16. Al Dornan says:

    We are supposed to meet with him tomorrow for 1 hour for $1110. We heard about him today from a person we met here in Provincetown, MA. Should we go?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Go, by all means, if you think that paying someone over one thousand dollars for insulting your intelligence to your face for an hour is worth it.

      It’s a weird fetish, but if that’s your thing…

  17. Stuart Ceillo says:

    Okay, I understand skepticism about psychics. I’m a scientist at heart, and would love to see the “top” psychics being tested under controlled conditions. Having said that, I have been to probably 30-40 psychic readings. Of those, I almost never go for tarot card readers because it’s a rambling session. I am very tight-lipped when psychics ask me questions to avoid cold readings, and they rarely succeed. My favorites are those who just start talking. Do I believe they can speak with the dead? Not yet, never seen proof that they revealed something I later found out to be true, but I do think some may have mental abilities that cannot be explained. I will give a few examples:

    One sat me down and said she saw me in a meeting to discuss a movie project. And a woman named Johanna would be in the meeting. I’d never met this psychic before. FACT: While I didn’t meet with Johanna, her boss was advising me on a script I was writing. He later turned me on to a few contacts in Hollywood and I had a few meetings with a producer. Second, I had a reading in the past year in which the psychic stated that my sister-in-law was a pretty determined alcoholic. For all she knew, she could have been a nun, so that was interesting. She also described some psychological aspects of her that were spot-on. This psychic had no idea who I was. Last, I spoke to a psychic who correctly stated that I had two nephews who were into serious drugs (I only have two nephews). Again, for all she knew, they were Boy Scouts. I’m a computer person. In the first example, you could have searched until the cows come home and would never have found Johanna in my circle (and, no, she didn’t pull a “I see someone with a ‘J’ sound in their name.” She said Johanna). There was no way anyone could have known about my sister-in-law or nephews either–except they were all things I had been thinking about. 90-95% of my readings are complete BS and a waste of time, but once in a while something happens that, while I don’t think there is magic, I do think it is possible some people might be able to catch thoughts here and there. Who knows, maybe this is something we all have the potential to do, but only a few know how to discern the information? Would I pay big bucks? No, but there are psychics in places like Cassadaga, FL that are, well, let’s just say they’re interesting.

    1. J Clifford says:

      So, the psychic was wrong about Johanna.

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