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Equating Dissent With Treason Is Not Liberal

A currently popular post over at the Being Liberal network on Google Plus, pictured below, shows a photograph of Barack Obama in front of a waving American flag and asserts, “Openly defying and brazenly disrespecting your president, while hoping that he failed, is not called patriotism… it is called TREASON”.

Then, another post asserts that, “If you think that criticizing detrimental law enforcement techniques, racial bias, and corruption in our criminal justice system is being ‘anti-cop’… You are missing the point.”

To which I have to say: If you think that you can assert the right to dissent against authority for yourself while calling dissent a crime when your opponents practice it… you cannot expect to be taken seriously.

It is not a liberal position to accuse anti-government protesters of the crime of treason, merely for showing disrespect to a politician. But then, “Being Liberal” isn’t really about being liberal. Its celebration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the politician who used his family’s wealth to obtain and maintain power, shoved Japanese-Americans into concentration camps, and ordered the creation of nuclear weapons, proves that.

Being Liberal and its followers are really only interested in Being Democrat, and supporting whatever policies seem to favor Democratic principles in the moment, whether they are liberal or not.

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