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Is the GOP As Backwards As Mike Huckabee?

This weekend, Mike Huckabee announced that he is entering the exploratory phase of a 2016 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. This news has Americans wondering just how far back into the GOP’s collection of relics Republican voters are willing to search in their quest for a presidential nominee.

It isn’t just the Mike Huckabee is chronologically aged. The bigger problem is that Huckabee’s ideas are archaic.

Mike Huckabee is a white Southern politician who knows very well about the system of racist organizations that keeps Republican politicians propped up across the South. Yet, even though he has had his own show on Fox News, where he can address issues of his own choosing, Huckabee has remained completely silent about the revelations that House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise attended a white supremacist convention, gave a speech to the racist organization, and met with KKK Grand Wizard David Duke on multiple occasions. Huckabee has refused to acknowledge, much less to condemn, Scalise’s neoNazi activities.

If Mike Huckabee isn’t willing to stand against Nazi ideology in America as a private citizen, then why should we elect him as President of the United States?

mike huckabee steve scalise

It’s not just Huckabee’s silent acceptance of extreme racism in the Republican Party that’s a problem. He has indulged in overt racism as well, claiming, for example, that Barack Obama was “raised in Kenya”, and seeking to revoke American citizenship from Latino babies. Huckabee has even claimed that anti-racism protests are “incredibly dangerous”.

Huckabee has promised to replace America’s current Constitution with Christian religious laws and has pledged to replace science’s role in advising government with his religious faith. Huckabee covered up scandals from his time as governor by smashing government computers. Huckabee is so intent on pushing his radical theocratic vision of government by Christians, for Christians, of Christians that he’s made signing Bibles part of his campaign routine, mistaking himself for a messiah. Huckabee claims that biological evolution isn’t real, and has asserted that the Ebola virus is likely to come across the U.S. border with Mexico – even though there is no Ebola in Mexico. Huckabee even supports politicians who want to make being homosexual a crime.

That Republicans are even considering the nomination of such an extreme politician to be their presidential candidate in 2016 is cause for concern.

2 thoughts on “Is the GOP As Backwards As Mike Huckabee?”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    I believe those of us who don’t vote for the major party candidates but conscientiously work for the best for our country have a duty to keep track of the mainstream media news and opinion, because we belong to a nation where most of the population pays little attention to the news, and never questions or seriously examines inaccuracies and omissions of the MSM. So I notice when your publication points out critical facts that the MSM never brings up. Thanks for reminding me that Huckabee isn’t the harmless congenial elder statesman the MSM makes him out to be.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Huckabee, a congenial elder statesman? Even you rephrasing this idea makes me cringe.

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