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Is Jeb Bush Right To Rise?

Before he has even formally announced his presidential campaign, we know Jeb Bush’s running mate. It’s Bush-Euphemism 2016!

Jeb bush right to rise

Jeb Bush has announced the formation of a new Super PAC where rich people with engorged assets can donate money to the cause of… well, making Jeb Bush look like a stand-up guy. The name of the PAC? Right To Rise.


No more wooden politicians with their stiff propositions! Jeb Bush is genuinely happy to see any voter, and will erect an agenda to meet their needs.

Bush is running as a big tent Republican, and is eager to conduct a vigorous political intercourse, but will hold firm if he is asked to assume the position of the underdog.

Come on! Become a member!

Don’t tell your mom about it, though. That might be awkward.

One thought on “Is Jeb Bush Right To Rise?”

  1. Ohio Vietnam war vet. says:

    JEBBY is a criminal and should have been locked up long ago. Greg Palast proved conclusively in his 2003 BBC program “Bush Family Fortunes” that JEBBY, Harris and Clayton Roberts rigged the 2000 election with the phony felons list. So G.W. “wins” by just 537 votes! And, over 50,000 mostly Black voters were denied a ballot because they were listed as convicted felons when they weren’t. Stealing a federal election should have gotten JEBBY, Harris and Roberts many years in prison. Palast’s investigation proves that the Shrub family is the worst political / criminal family in U.S. history. The Saudis funded the 9/11 hijackers. So why would Junior Shrub, as President, go over there and KISS the Saudi King? HE DID! JEBBY and the rest of his slimy relatives should ALL be in jail. The simple fact that they aren’t in jail proves that the U.S. “justice” system is extremely broken. Rich / Plutocrats get away with everything—unless you cheat your own people like Madoff did—then you pay. Of course, JEBBY has ZERO shame for all of the criminal things he has done—figures, his kind never, ever does.

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