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Have We All Attended NeoNazi Conferences, Like Steve Scalise?

“We’ve all made mistakes.”

That’s what Speaker of the House John Boehner has to say in justification of his decision to give a high leadership position in Congress to Steve Scalise.

Yes, we have all made mistakes, but simply making a mistake isn’t the issue, because not all mistakes are equal.

Maybe you made a mistake by drinking too much. Maybe you made a mistake by shoplifting some candy when you were a kid. Maybe you made a mistake when you had a sexual affair.

These are all mistakes, but they are nothing at all like the mistakes made by Steve Scalise.

Have we all attended white supremacist conferences like Steve Scalise? No.

Have we all sought the support of NeoNazis who repeat the anti-Jewish conspiracy theories promoted by Adolfo Hitler, as Steve Scalise did? No.

Have we all met repeatedly with a Grand Wizard of the KKK, an organization infamous for hanging African-Americans from trees? No, we have not.

John Boehner seeks to diminish Steve Scalise’s history of interaction with violent racist extremists, as if it’s something normal, just a harmless youthful error. As much as Scalise’s behavior is reprehensible, Boehner’s calm indifference to hateful Nazi ideology is even more disturbing.

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