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Congressional Global Warming Denier Falls Under the Weather

Here at Irregular Times, we’re assembling a database to closely following the actions of the members of the new 114th Congress; look for it to come out early next week.  As we’ve been working on the database, one name has been noticeably missing from all roll call votes in Congress so far this year: that of Rep. John Carter, Republican of Texas.  He’s gone missing from all votes and even from his swearing-in ceremony, making Texas’ 31st House district officially unrepresented in Washington, DC until he gets himself into town.

A spokesman for John Carter explains that the unrepresenting representative is “under the weather” — a euphemism for a malaise of health that we certainly hope Rep. Carter recovers from soon.  Poor health conditions should never be wished on anyone — or anywhere.  While John Carter has been “under the weather,” the district he represents has been under the weather as well.  The following is a current drought map of Texas, with House District 31 highlighted in green:

Drought Map of Texas, featuring House District 31, as of January 6 2015

As you can see, the entirety of Texas House District 31 is suffering some degree of drought.  The drought suffered by John Carter’s district is at the eastern edge of a regional drought extending throughout the southwest, all the way to the California coast:

United States Drought Map, January 6 2015

This extensive drought has been empirically tied to global warming.  As John Carter experiences his own health challenges, the environmental health of his own district has been under attack, but although John Carter is staying home from Congress to tend to his personal health, he is doing nothing to tend to his district’s environmental health.  Actually, Rep. Carter is doing worse than nothing; he is an active global warming denier.  Rep. Carter posted the following thoughts to his official congressional web page last year:

“We may or may not even be in a warming cycle. Even if we are, scientific evidence does not conclude that activity by man plays any significant role.

The reason for the lies is because the goal of these people is not to protect the environment, it is to implement a socialistic one-world government that has dictatorial control over every human activity, led by tyrannical liberal elites.

Global warming is simply a chicken-little scheme to use mass media and government propaganda to convince the world that destruction of individual liberties and national sovereignty is necessary to save mankind, and that the unwashed masses would destroy themselves without the enlightened global dictatorship of these frauds.

We do face a global threat. But it is not global warming, it is global tyranny from this crowd of liars – the Warmers.”

John Carter’s claim that “we may not even be in a warming cycle” are demonstrably false: the last 12 months of global temperature data measured by NASA’s Goddard Institute (December 2013 to November 2014)  place them as the second-warmest 12-month period on record since in the last 134 years.  John Carter is a holdout against observable reality.

Rep. Carter is doing everything he can to look after his personal health, but he prevaricates and presents outright falsehood rather than protect the health of his own district.  That’s sick.

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