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Will Jill Stein Run For President Again?

There’s a great deal of speculation these days about whether Mitt Romney will run for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2016 election, and whether Hillary Clinton will run for the Democrats.

There has been much less speculation, however, about whether an old presidential candidate from the Green Party will return for another run. Will Jill Stein be a presidential candidate for the Green Party again?

jill stein standard 2012Both Clinton and Romney have taken concrete steps toward running for President. In comparison here hasn’t been much noise from Jill Stein, who ran for President in 2012 and received less than one half of one percent of the popular vote.

Jill Stein defined the standards for success for her own campaign in 2012. A 1% showing would put the Green Party back on the political map, she said. 3% would be the strongest third party showing in decades. 5% of the popular vote would gain the Green Party a flood of campaign money for 2016.

The Jill Stein campaign failed to meet any of those goals. Still, she wouldn’t be the first political candidate to come back from a failure to try again. Will Jill Stein run for President in 2016?

Jill Stein has remained politically active, attending rallies, doing interviews, and organizing web sites. Stein will be coordinating the Green Party livestream response to the State of the Union Address tomorrow.

However, Jill Stein has not been talking about a 2016 presidential campaign in public – not even in hints. The biggest nudge in the direction towards a run that she has given was a retweet of one person’s question on Twitter about whether she would run for President in 2016. That’s it. She didn’t even add a comment of her own to the retweet.

There are no signs of organization for a new Stein for President campaign taking place. In fact, Jill Stein is still cleaning up the administrative details from her 2012 campaign.

Right now, the Green Party presidential field is populated with poorly organized crackpots. If Jill Stein waits any longer to announce a 2016 presidential campaign, the Green Party won’t gain anything from the delay. With every passing month, it looks more and more like Jill Stein for President 2016 just won’t happen.

Jill Stein for President tweets 2015

2 thoughts on “Will Jill Stein Run For President Again?”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Congratulations for getting so many comments on the article opposing Robert Milnes. Maybe there is some interest out there.

    I still admire my favorite 2012 candidate, Rocky Anderson. His Justice Party, which I technically am still a member of, seems to have fizzled. But he has the intellect, moral fiber, and eloquence to make a credible run in 2016, if only he gets motivated. He performed equally to Stein, or better, in my view, in the debates they had with Gary Johnson in 2012.

    We need a well-organized primary season for third party or independent progressive candidates. That could include people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who would have to be persuaded to break away from the DemoRepub party, and Robert Milnes. I’ve pretty much given up on any third party making a national difference in a primary process. But the parties could pit candidates against each other nationally. If just one major media outlet (PBS?) provided a forum for such primary debates, and a means for people to vote for their favorites, we progressives would stand a chance of reaching the 5% nationally. I recognize that Free and Equal is making efforts like this, but they so far have been totally ignored by the MSM. Remember, the feckless Ross Perot did far better than 5%. If that’s accomplished by the Green Pary, or some other party, or no party, after an effective primary season, so be it. If only I had time (and money) to really work on this!

    1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

      Charles Manning, there is C-SPAN which runs third party debates each time. There is also RT wihich started doing it in 2012. online presidential debate (third party)
      Thursday, October 18; Google+ hangout
      Moderator: Stephen Peace –
      Video: YouTube

      First Free and Equal Elections Foundation debate (third party)
      Tuesday, October 23; Hilton Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
      Moderator: Larry King – Ora.TV
      Video: C-SPAN, Video on YouTube
      Fact-checking: The Washington Post

      Ralph Nader presidential debate (third party)
      Sunday, November 4; Busboys and Poets, Washington, D.C.
      Moderator: Ralph Nader
      Video: Video on YouTube

      Second Free and Equal Elections Foundation debate (third party)
      Monday, November 5; RT America studio, Washington, D.C.
      Moderator: Thom Hartmann – RT
      Video: RT, Video on YouTube

      Basically, the above is a good example of what Tigris party debates are like.

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