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State Of The Union Address Bingo Cards For 2015

Tonight is the State of the Union Address, and here at Irregular Times, we have a tradition of playing State Of The Union Bingo. We hand out bingo cards that we’ve made just for the occasion, and wait for the President to utter the phrases that appear in each square. A penny is then laid down on that square. Whoever gets a straight line of pennies across their entire card, up or down or diagonal, wins the game.

Make it a drinking game. Do it sober. Have the players agree to make a donation to a progressive non-profit organization of ten dollars for every penny they lay down. Play it your way – but do play along with us.

The following are the three State Of The Union Address Bingo Cards we’re playing with this year. Click on each graphic for the free full size, printable version.

state of the union 2015 bingo card

sotu bingo card drinking game 2015


One thought on “State Of The Union Address Bingo Cards For 2015”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Anyone who reads Irregular Times knows that I disagree with many of the things that Barack Obama does as President, and I disagree with many of the ideas he presented during the State of the Union Address. Nonetheless, I think that tonight’s speech was the finest of his career so far – better than the 2004 convention speech.

    Disagree with me?

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