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14 Democrats In Congress Vote To Rush Fracking Pipelines Through With Less Time For Public Input

H.R. 161, approved yesterday by the U.S House of Representatives, provides a special fast track for new fossil fuels pipelines planned to bring huge amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas, to market from fracking operations in the Marcellus Shale.

If it receives final passage into law, the bill will radically shorten the time voters have to challenge pipeline properties that will cut through their communities. The environmental review process will be cut short as well, imposing artificial, arbitrary deadlines that fail to take conditions on the ground into account.

H.R. 161 creates a special shortcut for the marketers of fossil fuels pipelines, through which their corporations can receive automatic approval for pipelines, even when they are environmentally dangerous and opposed by the public. Under H.R. 161, all that corporate lawyers have to do is stall the review process through legal maneuvering until the the short deadlines pass. Then, their pipelines will receive automatic approval, despite their lack of merit.

It’s no surprise that the House Republicans voted for this bill. People who voted for 14 Democrats will be surprised this morning to learn that their representatives voted for the anti-reform legislation. The names of the 14 Democrats who voted for H.R. 161 are:

Brad Ashford
Brendan Boyle
Robert Brady
Cheri Bustos
Jim Costa
Henry Cuellar
Gwen Graham
Patrick Murphy
Donald Norcross
Scott Peters
Collin Peterson
Kurt Schrader
Kyrsten Sinema
Filemon Vela

These congressional Democrats deserve primary challenges from environmentalists and community activists in 2016.

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