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1787 for America winds down toward Oblivion

The nascent political party 1787 for America introduced itself in 2013 by promising it would provide an arena for populist, bottom-up participation in the choosing of the next President of the United States.  Choose whomever you like — let the people decide, declared 1787 for America.  But as with the billionaire-funded group Americans Elect, these promises were quickly followed with bylaws stipulating that an elite governing board would call most of the shots and could influence party procedure.  Meanwhile, the idea of letting the people decide was quickly supplanted by a hyper-detailed platform that declared specific stances on abortion, social security, marijuana, gun laws and more.  Although the bylaws stipulate that all votes by the 1787 for America board of directors must be made openly and its Chairman has indicated that the board has met many times, no record of board meetings or decisions has been made available on the party’s website.

This approach has not led to a groundswell of popular support.  Although 1787 for America solicits financial contributions, it has generated decreasing monetary support, as FEC data show:

1787 for america 2013 to 2014 campaign finance patterns


1787 for America is financially quiet.  How has it done on other accounts?

Although 1787 for America had an apparently vigorous Twitter presence, with 6269 counted as followers, the service Twitter Audit estimates that about half of these accounts are “fake” accounts — non-active spam accounts used to create the appearance of popularity.  The 1787 for America Twitter account has not posted since October 17, 2014.

The leadership of 1787 for America show little enthusiasm for the project.  In April of 2014, the Federal Election Commission informed Chairman Emily Matthews that leaders “have failed to file the above refernced report of receipts and disbursemnts or failed to file a report covering the entire reporting period as required by the Federal Election Campaign Act.”  Matthews has failed to respond.

This alternative party continues to feature a red, white and blue website with spiffy videos.  It is otherwise spiraling toward oblivion.


4 thoughts on “1787 for America winds down toward Oblivion”

  1. DrRGP says:

    Give me William Jennings Bryan or give me nothing.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      How about a Jelly Baby?

  2. DrRGP says:

    Sorry, Mr Cook, I don’t follow.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      A long-scarved answer with a wide brim. Not to worry.

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