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Jim Webb For President Struggling To Gain Jim Webb’s Support

jim webb not newsThere’s always a sense of energy that comes when the first official presidential campaign from one of the two dominant political parties shoots out of the gate. There’s a difference however, between a sense of energy and actual energy.

It’s been months since Jim Webb set up the first exploratory committee of any Democratic 2016 presidential candidate, and since that time… not much has happened.

– The last “news” out of Jim Webb’s web site came in the middle of November last year.

– Jim Webb’s last campaign Facebook post was a week ago, thanking a few people for showing up to talk with him on Twitter. “Thank you to everyone who joined us on Twitter this evening.”

– Everyone who joined Webb on Twitter? During that Twitter conversation, Jim Webb received only two retweets, from his 25 tweets.

– Much of what Jim Webb tweeted about was the wisdom he had shown during his own featured State Of The Union response… eight years ago.

– The most recent of the “articles by Jim” on Jim Webb’s site was written in the early spring of 2013.

– The last of the “op-eds by Jim” on the site appeared in the summer of 2012.

Before Jim Webb can gain the votes of anyone else, he needs to make sure that his campaign actually has support… from himself.

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