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Aaron Schock Says No Jobs Can Be Created Unless America Burns Huge Amounts Of Dirty Coal

It sounds like an exaggeration, but these are the words that actually came out of the mouth of Republican Congressman Aaron Schock yesterday: “No corporation, however globally well-positioned or integral to our state’s economy, can create or save American jobs given the current administration’s anti-fossil fuel agenda.”

Representative Schock was complaining about regulations designed to protect American consumers from the deadly pollution and economically devastating climate change that results from the inefficient and unsustainable generation of electricity by burning fossil fuels. Air pollution from coal burning power plants alone causes 13,000 deaths every year in the United States, and leads to 1.6 million lost work days due to health problems.

aaron schock on jobsCoal burning is a huge drain on the American economy. Yet, Aaron Schock wants the United States to continue to depend on the outdated technology from the last century that the coal industry still employs.

Representative Shock believes that Americans should continue to breathe dirty air and suffer from accelerated climate change because there is no other way for corporations to create jobs in Illinois than to allow corporations from Big Oil and Big Coal to have free reign to do as they please. Schock’s claim is very clear: He says that no corporation can create, or even keep, jobs in the United States unless the current environmental regulations of fossil fuels are repealed.

Is this true? Let’s take a look at the evidence. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with jobs in Aaron Schock’s home state of Illinois.

– According to the most recent economic census, there are over 12,800 manufacturing corporations that employ people in the state of Illinois. lists a huge number of jobs that corporations in Illinois are seeking to fill.

Illinois Work Net has 101 pages of corporate job listings.

A quick search brings up ample evidence that Aaron Schock’s claim that corporations can’t make or keep jobs under current fossil fuels regulations isn’t true by any stretch of the imagination.

What Aaron Schock may mean to have said is that the coal and oil industry won’t be able to keep employing people if America switches to clean, renewable energy sources. That’s true, but green energy jobs can replace the old fossil fuels industry jobs, and having a healthy workforce will improve the economy, enabling the creation of even more jobs in Illinois and across the country.

Why does Congressman Schock care so much about the coal and oil corporations in particular? It could have to do with the fact that he has taken tens of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuels industry over the last two years, and has won re-election thanks to even more shadowy independent expenditures from the industry.

One thought on “Aaron Schock Says No Jobs Can Be Created Unless America Burns Huge Amounts Of Dirty Coal”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    This is another example of government by proxy. The important thing isn’t that Rep. Schock is expressing the fraudulent idea that the “anti-fossil fuel agenda” is preventing corporations from creating or saving American jobs. It’s the people making the “shadowy” contributions to sustain Rep. Schock’s political life who must be confronted for pursuing personal wealth by means that harm the environment. You can bet that those people, the true proponents of the pro-fossil fuel agenda supported by Rep. Schock, won’t be publicly sought out and held to account for using Rep. Schock as their proxy in their nefarious schemes — unless you or others in the progressive movement hold them to account.

    It should be noted that the true proponents rely on Rep. Schock to protect their interests because amassing and increasing their wealth takes too much of their time for them to get into politics, and they need a nice looking young man to front for them. Now, do you know who these “shadowy” figures are?

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