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Southern Trio in Congress Wants to Let Churches Have it Both Ways: No Taxes, Unlimited Politics

The way the law is set up in the United States right now is clear: Churches and other non-profit organizations have the right to campaign for particular political candidates if they choose.  They are perfectly free to do so.  They just have to do one little thing if they want to start politicking: pay taxes like the rest of us.  It’s only if churches and other non-profit groups want to claim tax exempt status that they’re supposed to stay out of politics.

A trio of Southern Republicans have introduced a bill to let churches have it both ways. If Representatives Walter Jones, Richard Hudson and Jeff Duncan get their way and pass H.R 153, churches would get to keep their special tax exemptions and act on behalf of partisan political campaigns at the same time.

What do you think of this move?  Is this a proud and bold stand for free speech?  A craven cave to wealthy religious organizations that seek to wield greater political influence?  Both?  Something else?

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