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Walter Jones Favors Free Speech for Politicking Churches, Opposes Free Speech for Protesters

Yesterday, I noted that North Carolina Republican Representative Walter Jones had introduced legislation (H.R. 153) that would let churches start entering political campaigns without losing their special tax-exempt status.  Jones terms it a “free speech” issue.

Today, I learned that Rep. Jones is a sponsor of legislation that would make it possible to toss protesters in jail for expressing their free speech.  If the constitutional amendment in H.J. Res. 9 were to be enacted, activists who express their views by burning a flag could end up in prison.

3 thoughts on “Walter Jones Favors Free Speech for Politicking Churches, Opposes Free Speech for Protesters”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s a lot like socialism for the corporations but capitalism for the rest of us.

  2. AETransparency says:

    This is a good time to point out that Walter Jones was one of the seven candidates who were financially supported by Lawrence Lessig’s quixotic (and dismally failed) Mayday PAC in 2014. The ‘genius’ of Mayday PAC was that Lessig managed to convince both big-money and small-money liberals to donate (to the tune of about $11 million) to an effort that would support the likes of ultra-conservative Jones. How did Lessig manage to convince liberals to financially support the campaigns of ultra-conservatives? By arguing that campaign finance reform is the only really important issue, trumping all others, so (he argued) liberals should be willing to support conservative candidates with whom they share no positions whatsoever except support for CFR (Jones has occasionally happy-talked the idea of campaign finance reform, which was good enough for Lessig). This argument resonated with a surprising number of Silicon Valley propeller-heads, largely due to their reverence for all things Lessig. How ironic it would be if Jones managed to get some of these same Mayday PAC supporters thrown in prison for exercising their free speech rights…which rights, obviously, aren’t anywhere near as important as campaign finance reform.

    Mayday PAC: A fool and your money.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Mayday was either an “oops” times twelve over, or a really nasty dupe.

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