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Jeb Bush Hires Architect Of Abusive, Outdated Website To Run His Online Strategy

It was a move that Jeb Bush intended to demonstrate his savvy with the Internet as a campaign tool: His campaign announced today that it has hired one of the founders of to be his Chief Technology Officer.

Jeb Bush and Does this make any sense? Is Jeb Bush really the kind of person who comes to mind when we think of the word “hipster”?

jeb bush grandparents internetThese days, the word “hipster” doesn’t really communicate the kind of cultural creative identity it used to. “Hipster” has become little more than a marketing gimmick, an identity that’s used to sell cars in Super Bowl advertisements by marketers who want to show that they “get it”. See? The guy in the ad has tight pants and a beard, so he’s like you young people, right?

Yeah, maybe not so much.

Like the word “hipster”, has faded away. Go on and try to visit – all that will happen is that you’ll get redirected to the America Online website. Yes, America Online, the company that in the 1990s pioneered the marketing strategy of sending hundreds of CD-Rom discs to every household in the United States, hoping to attract the attention of senior citizens who worried that logging on to the Internet was too hard. Yes, America Online was selling the Internet to grandparents 20 years ago – and that’s who the founder of went to work for a few years ago, when disappeared from the Internet.

Oh, but before that, managed to piss off a large number of people by snatching information from their contacts on their iPhones without ever asking for permission or notifying them that it was doing it.

Violating Americans’ trust while using a behind-the-curve cultural appeal? It sounds like this guy from will fit in quite nicely with the Jeb Bush for President team.

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