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Mike Honda Introduces Bill To Block Trademark Status For Redskins Football

Mike Honda, a Democrat representing the 17th district of California, has introduced H.R. 684 to the House of Representatives. The bill would declare the word “redskins” to be a disparaging term. Under a pre-existing law called the Lanham Act, a disparaging term cannot be trademarked.

This means that the management of the Washington Redskins could no longer exercise exclusive control over merchandise using the “Redskins” term. NFL teams make huge amounts of money from merchandising.

Every cosponsor to Honda’s legislation are all Democrats. Their names are: Earl Blumenauer, Tony Cardenas, Louise Slaughter, Donna Edwards, Corrine Brown, Barbara Lee, Zoe Lofgren, John Lewis, Gwen Moore, Karen Bass, Raul Grijalva, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Betty McCollum, Robert Brady, Juan Vargas, Mark Takano, Mark Pocan, Ann Kirkpatrick, Derek Kilmer, Keith Ellison, Jim McDermott, Richard Nolan, Mark Takai, Andre Carson, Yvette Clarke, Marcia Fudge, Anna Eshoo, Frank Pallone, and Jared Huffman.

For more information on the Redskins issue, see Change The Mascot.

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