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Congressional Republicans Introduce Bill To Cut Wages For Working Americans

As our writer Jim has documented, the minimum wage in the United States has dropped over the last five years by 75 cents, while the wealth of corporations has skyrocketed, and chief executives are making hundreds of times more than their companies’ average workers are. The facts are plain: Companies are directing the wealth they generate to their elite leaders and investors, and making their workers pay for it.

While this is happening, politicians like Republican Steve King are blaming rank-and-file workers for reducing the competitiveness of the companies they work for. Steve King claims that, when companies can’t compete, it’s because working Americans aren’t willing to take a pay cut.

Congressman King has a solution to this supposed problem. He wants to pass a law forcing workers to accept lower wages. His bill, H.R. 987, would repeal Davis-Bacon wage protections that ensure that workers on government-funded projects receive the prevailing wages in their particular labor market. If H.R. 987 passes, large numbers of workers across America will be forced to take a big pay cut, at the same time that their bosses’ pay continues to rise.

Steve King justifies this legislation by saying that, “Every dollar that American taxpayers send to Washington must be used as efficiently as possible.” If government projects must operate as efficiently as possible, though, why not just use slave labor?

Furthermore, why is Steve King targeting the people who already earn the lowest wages in companies that contract with the government? Why isn’t Steve King introducing legislation requiring that CEOs and investors take a big pay cut in order to increase efficiency?

The reason is simple and corrupt. Rank and file workers don’t have the money to pay off politicians like Steve King. CEOs and big investors do.

The members of Congress who are cosponsoring Steve King’s legislation to cut wages for working people across America are: Lynn Jenkins, Scott Perry, Trent Franks, Gregg Harper, Jeff Duncan, and Jeb Hensarling.

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