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“What Global Warming?” asks North Country New York. This Global Warming, answers NASA.

In a February 12 2015 letter to the editor of New York State’s North Country Now, an anonymous reader asks, “What Global Warming? Whatever happened to global warming?  I feel short changed!”

You see, it’s been cold lately.  How could that be if we’re experiencing global warming?

There are two answers to that question.  The first answer is that even if the globe is warming, winter will be colder than the summer.  That’s how winter works.  But winters have been getting warmer, not cooler, over time.  In the NASA dataset of global temperature measurements from 188o to 2015, the 10 warmest winters have all occurred in the last 20 years, and the 10 coldest winters all occur before 1920.  We just don’t remember that winters used to be colder because most of those experiencing the coldest winters are dead.

The second answer is even on a warming globe, some places can be locally cooler.  In other words, local weather is not the same as global climate.  NOAA’s most recent global temperature anomaly map shows a local cool spot hanging right over New York’s North Country.  The letter writer doesn’t know that in most other places around the globe, it’s getting hotter, making for a general trend of global warming.

The trend extends through data newly released by NASA, showing that after the record-hot year of 2014, January 2015 is the second-hottest January in its records, topped only by January 2007.  Even in the winter, this is what global warming looks like.

P.S. I hear some other New Yorker under the local cold spot has been asking the same question.  He goes by the name of Don:

Donald Trump denies global warming.  What a buffoon.

3 thoughts on ““What Global Warming?” asks North Country New York. This Global Warming, answers NASA.”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:


    Climate denial is a huge problem in human society. My research suggests that society’s failure to solve it is because climate denial, and denial of science in general, is much more complex than anyone thinks. The problem is also very different from what current political rhetoric claims. Our society doesn’t understand it.

    Our major misunderstanding is that we view the act of “climate denial” or “science denial” as a CHOICE. That is, society views this kind of denial the way medicine viewed homosexuality 50 years ago. We think we can change climate deniers by “reasoning” with them. We can’t. Climate denial, and science denial, is a symptom of a serious MEDICAL CONDITION. The climate denier’s BRAIN is not wired the same way as people who can understand climate change. How would current society categorize those who can understand climate change? – liberal, progressive, broad-minded, open-minded. Notice the political slant of the first two words. This is NOT a coincidence. Society believes climate denial is a point of view because politics, as a process, acts to separate people with these different brain structures into the two political parties. This, of course, is one of the greatest tragedies of our time.

    To be clear, climate denial and science denial thinking are caused by a type of inherited BRAIN STRUCTURE. This brain structure is then made operative for specific issues by a politically controlled, media driven, FEAR based information system which provides a library of SINGLE SENTENCE LOGIC facts that form the world view of the denier. This library of facts becomes the “house of cards”, or more accurately, “fortress of cards” of their world view. Any attempt, using logic, to remove one of those cards, damages part of the fortress. This triggers a huge crisis of FEAR. It triggers FIGHT or flight. It is so alarming to the denier, that their entire focus turns to repairing the fortress, rather than addressing the issue. They do NOT have the mental faculty to look at the broader picture or to even contemplate the meaning of truth without great effort.

    Anyone interested in understanding this in more depth can read about it at (

  2. Tom says:

    The answer, Donald, is “all around you.”

  3. Ismael says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing Causes and Effects of Global Warming – Environment Technology

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