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Jim Rickards’ Prediction of Dire Economic Collapse has 8 Days Left Before it Expires

Last month, Peregrin Wood noted the many predictions of “economic expert” Jim Rickards that had gone wrong in the past:

“He’s addicted to predicting imminent doom. He’s quoted in an article from October 2014 as predicting that another ‘Great Recession’ is ‘about to strike.’ In September 2013, however, he told a crowd of potential investors in Washington D.C. that the United States would suffer a recession in 2014. He put the chances of the financial crisis in 2014 at ‘100 percent’ – but it didn’t happen. In 2012, Rickards told his followers that the United States was in a recession, though it wasn’t, and that the recession would end in 2014.”

Labeling himself an “authority on U.S. economics,” Jim Rickards posted a video on August 27, 2014 declaring that “economic collapse could begin within the next six months.”  Those six months expire in just 8 days, on February 27, 2015.

How’s the economy been doing over the last six months?  The Dow Jones Industrial Average:

Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2014-2015

The unemployment rate:

U.S. Unemployment Rate, January 2014 - January 2015

A lot will have to happen in the next 8 days to precipitate that economic collapse.

The other possibility is that Jim Rickards is full of baloney.

Wait and see.


11 thoughts on “Jim Rickards’ Prediction of Dire Economic Collapse has 8 Days Left Before it Expires”

  1. John McArdle says:

    Jim Rickards makes most his living off this financial gloom and doom stuff. He is also a rEPuBLiTARD/republican, fortunately they are the ones who pay for his stupid stuff. Did I say rEPuBLiTARD-republicans? Oh yes I did!

    1. JKC says:

      Johnny boy- Shouldn’t you use a different server to post such crap? Why are you not using a private email service like hillary?

      And you are in “intelligence”? What a misnomer.

      Get back to work and quit surfing the net on the government dime.

      From johnnys link : unitedstatesgovernmentreserveintelligence’s server

  2. Tom says:

    Well, he may be a bit premature, but the collapse of industrial civilization is guaranteed on many fronts that are all interrelated: environmental degradation, resource depletion, pollution of all kinds, ocean acidification, climate change (including almost 4 dozen self-reinforcing feedback loops that continue now that we’ve set them in motion due to over a century of CO2 and other pollution), global economics, disease, corporate culture, overpopulation, governmental inadequacy, and the rest. Species die-off is currently taking out an awful lot of marine life, insects, birds, soil microbes, etc. and we’ll be on the list before long, since we can’t live in a world without habitat.

    1. John McArdle says:

      Tom, I totally agree with you on the eminent failure eventually of our current consumer based petro chemical nuclear Industrial age. A different area of my research – Christianity The Anti-Christ. Islam The Dajjal or Al Aawar Al Dajjal. Judaism the Jews awaited Messiah and the now training of Rabbi’s to do the red heifer sacrifice? Buddhism – Maitreya. All very similar and same entity? New World order iLLUMINATi Freemasonry Global Cabal (bank of england / house of saudi) There is much more….

  3. ted says:

    I guess most of the sheeple believe the economy is doing well.Especially,when it comes to corporate propaganda mainstream media news.That democracy is alive and well here in America.That most you love the police state and military industrial complex.That you love the survelliance state and government collecting your data.They even love that the Federal Government and there agencies are defending you from terrorism.And that the sheeple would not even believe that those same agencies there to protect them.Are the same agencies foiling there own terrorist acts with there same informants.”How can that be”!That’s what the sheeple will say.They also believe that there is gold in Fort Knox and the dollar will still be the number 1 reserve currency in the next 5 years.That America will still be the number one economy in world for years to come.

    They also believe that right to vote on the National level changes things for the better.That are government is not own by the oligarchs.They still believe “for the people and by the people”.That we are a Democracy and not a Oligarchy.

    Is just me.Or are these fools still stuck on a malfunction holodeck.Or is just these people are that ignorant to reality of this country let alone the world.They have a rude awakening and its not going to be pretty.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      Hi. What are sheeple? Can you tell them by their curly hair? And what are the metrics by which you would say the economy has collapsed since February 27?

      Baa, Jim

      1. Jim Grubbs says:

        So your argument is an unstable market and a government agency (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Mr. Cook? Who is trying to mislead who here Mr. Cook? Most rational people understand that you can’t predict economical conditions to the day, especially an artificially controlled one. Please post any info that supports this article other than government controlled crap or other debunker site info .and get back to us. BTW, You can’t do what I ask because there are no solid credible sources The only truth we ever get is from those who finally get enough and leave the establishment such as Mr. Rickards but is he perfect? No one is perfect and also, you will never convince anyone of your point of view by being unprofessional and making fun of them. I miss real professional journalists vs. the Government talking heads and paid shills. Which are you Mr. Cook? I hope you are better than the comment you made to Ted.

        Jim Grubbs

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Hi, Jim.

          The credible information that supports this article regarding the predictions of Jim Rickards are the links that I provide to the direct sources of Jim Rickards’ quotes. I’ve already done that. (See also here — — for more citations on the ongoing Jim Rickards wild prediction machine.)

          This sheeple/government conspiracy talk is cheap, because it doesn’t base itself in concrete observation. Simply saying “Sheeple!” or “Debunker!” doesn’t equal a solid claim. Back yourself up with actual, observable, cited fact and I’ll take you more seriously.

  4. ted says:

    As per Jim Grubbs.Sheeple are people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.They are not people of conspiracies.

    Most of the American People are fed by the Mainstream Media News which is own by corporate.Yes they are easily led.When you say collapse.You really don’t think one has ever happen.You must believe like everyone out there who watches Mainstream media News that the Economy is doing well.And unemployment is low according to the government figures.That what sheeple believe.And yes the Bureau of Labor Statistic has lied.They even came out and said they fudge the numbers.One way they check unemployment.Those that work at the Labor Department go out door to door and survey how many in each household works.Most of there workers never went out fudge the numbers on there survey.America borrowers every quarter billions to trillions from foreign countries.To pay for Medicare,Umemployment,ObamaCare,Medicaid,Government Workers like the Postal Workers,Federal Law Enforcement whether DEA,FBI,U.S.Marshalls,ICE,Military,Military Dependents,Military Retirement Pay,Darpa,Social Security etc.There is not enough taxes coming back in to pay for all those programs.Mostly everyone in America is trying to survive with a part-time or multiple part-time jobs.The U.S. Military spends $780 billion dollars.Which U.S. is number one in spending then there allies and potential enemies.Stated in article in Stratrisk last year.That does not include the fine other Government Programs.

    By many Independent Articles out there.The U.S. cannot sustain any longer.I guess a solid claim of yours would be as I said before.You probably believe there is gold in Fort Knox.And yes there is data that still said there is gold in Fort Knox.But,after how many years.The Government will not show it to the public.Let alone give explanation to the why Germans and others can’t there Gold back by the Federal Reserve.Even the U.S. said it will give it back them 2017.Unlikely.It like Jim Rickards who worked for the CIA.Yes its before his time.But,is it not the CIA that overthrow the Democratic elected government or Iran.Is not the our own Government who covered the USS Liberty Incident.

    There will be a Economic Collapse.It may not be when Rickards Predicts it.But,it will happen.To believe our Government and Mainstream Media which by the way is controlled by our Government.News that they set in stone is utterly ridiculous.Even there was articles where someone in the New York times wrote that there is a Government Official in Most Mainstream Media outlets.What happen to the days when you could rely on the Media to put the Government in check.Those days are long gone.The only outlet to find some truth is the internet.Which now even the FCC wants to be in charge.The same mistakes that the US has made in the past.Again they doing in the present.There a lot of Economists who have nothing to do with Mainstream Media News,Financial Companies and the Government.They have their finding and its not good.

    Now a days not only that our Government has to much power.Even the local sheriff and police departments have to much power.Especially,when they are being supplied by the Pentagon with weapons,equipment and vehicles that are military has.Are we at War with are fellow Americans?Our communities?Our Children?Did you know that American Law Enforcement has killed more people than United Kingdom Police has killed in 100 years.Did you know that we have more people in prison than China,Russia,and other Countries Combined.That’s not conspiracy.Those are facts which anyone can find.Even Jimmy Carter.I not a Republican or Democrat.Stated,”This is not America.””I don’t know what Country I am living in”.The West is falling.The East is Rising financially.Like many empires they do fall.My father was in Military and loved this Country.He may not be alive nolonger.But,if he was.He would not recognize what this Country has become.Even the highly decorated Marine Smedley Butler.”That War is a racket”.Men and Women are dying and being disabled for profit.Its not different now.Its just the ones who sacrifices the most think its for freedom.But,the real story is profits.No different then till now.Maybe,there were more out there who are free thinking and learn everything of history.Especially,our history.Just maybe.Things could changes.Unfortunately,there is not enough of us out there to change things.More of us would like to speak our minds and protest which have right to do this country.Now most of are weary of being arrested.Look at colleges.Now a days you have to get a permit and approval to protest.I thought America would never become this.I lived in the days when had to sit in the back of bus and go to another fountain that said,”Colors Only”.

    Now it is about clinging to what power our Government still has.Let alone the banks having the power to control our Government.And to control the public.If we look at our past before or any other country past.The Government always goes to war to divert the true problems.Hope that never comes to that.It did does not look good.If the Doomsday Clock is up to minutes before Midnight.

  5. Ralph black says:

    Just go his prediction record Gee Weez

    1. Ralph black says:

      He’s a gold and silver seller

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