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The Can Kicks Back Throws Students Under its “Millenial” Bus

Although the DC beltway political corporation called The Can Kicks Back was funded by an elderly billionaire, it says it acts on behalf of the millenial generation of young people just getting their start in life.

Although The Can Kicks Back got started with an advisory board made up entirely of elderly rich white men, it insists that it is a “grassroots” movement for millenials.

The Can Kicks Back campus tour puts old rich people on stage and interviews themThree years later after its founding, the advisory board for The Can Kicks Back is still populated by elderly rich white men:
Evan Bayh – Former Democratic Senator and Governor from Indiana

Erskine Bowles – Former Co-Chair, National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; Chief of Staff, President Bill Clinton

Jonathan Cowan – President, Third Way

Ryan Randall -Director of Public Policy with Passport Capital

Gary Shapiro – CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

Alan Simpson – Retired Republican U.S. Senator from Wyoming

David M. Walker – CEO, Peterson-funded Comeback America Initiative


The closest this big-power, big-money list comes to the millenial generation is 45-year-old hedge fund king Ryan Randall, who is 15 years too old to even rank among the oldest of the millenials.  Everyone else on this list is old, old, old.  But still The Can Kicks Back says it is all about the millenials, with 96 web pages on its website using the word “millenial,” only 3 using the phrase “Generation X,” and only 14 using the phrase “Baby Boomers.”

Although The Can Kicks Back’s campus tour was centered around interviews with elderly rich white men, the corporation insists that it acts in the name of the millenial generation.

In the winter of 2013, The Can Kicks Back vowed it would demonstrate its millenial bona fides by starting up 300 campus chapters by the end of the spring semester of that year.  It flooded campus chapters with money and even flew its student “volunteers” to Washington, DC on junkets to meet with the rich and powerful.  Still, The Can Kicks Back only managed to generate 10 active chapters out of its goal of 300.  It spent $2.4 million on American campuses in an effort to obtain signatures on just 800 cans declaring support for the agenda of budget cuts to social programs — that’s $3,000 per can.  Two years later, in the spring semester of 2015, The Can Kicks Back campus program is defunct.

The Can Kicks Back corporation keeps declaring, despite all evidence, that it is an advocacy group working on behalf of the millenial generation, a generation centered on those who are about to go to, in, or recently graduated from college.  In short, the millenial generation is the generation of massive student loan debt.

And what does The Can Kicks Back support?  Check out their recent tweet:

The Can Kicks Back Posts a Tweet in Opposition to Aid for Student Loans


The opinion piece which The Can Kicks Back encourages everyone to read declares that the government should stop helping college students with their student loan debt because doing so adds a few billion dollars a year to the federal deficit.  Written by a staffer for the pro-corporate, corporate-funded New America Foundation, the opinion piece concluded by declaring that it’s time to cut university budgets.

The Can is Kicking, all right: kicking the millenial generation right under the bus.

One thought on “The Can Kicks Back Throws Students Under its “Millenial” Bus”

  1. Tom says:

    Of course! What do you expect from the apex of economic predators?

    i found this interesting (off-topic here)

    America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776

    The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth

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