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Names Of The Senate Democrats Who Just Voted To Help Republicans Override Barack Obama’s Veto

We often hear from Democratic Party activists that, if it wasn’t for the nasty Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate, President Obama’s legislative agenda would move forward without obstruction. Today, a roll call vote in the Senate proved that idea wrong.

The vote was on whether to overturn Barack Obama’s veto of legislation that would exempt the Keystone XL pipeline from the usual regulatory process. Republicans voted to smash the veto, of course. They weren’t alone.

The following Senate Democrats chose to join with the Republican Party, to break Barack Obama’s veto, and to allow a dangerous pipeline to carry petroleum sludge from Alberta’s tar sands all the way through America’s heartland, down to Texas to be processed, then sold overseas.

Mike Bennet, Tom Caroer, Bill Casey, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester, and Mark Warner.

These Democrats are so deeply nestled in the pocket of Big Oil that they voted to defy the veto of their own party’s president in order to help the Keystone XL pipeline evade normal regulatory procedures.

Political independence is a good thing. These Democrats haven’t demonstrated political independence, though. They have only demonstrated that they are politically dependent upon money from fossil fuels corporations.

One thought on “Names Of The Senate Democrats Who Just Voted To Help Republicans Override Barack Obama’s Veto”

  1. Ella says:

    What irritated me so much is that there is already an existent pipeline, running a different route and they are just adding a straight line between two of the points that is not necessary. Refer to the map at:

    The proposed addition runs also from Hardisty, Canada, but goes through Baker and Steele City instead. Porky legislation for short term jobs. Hurray for Congress. Now we will have 2,114 miles of possible damage to the environment, of ugly pipeline running across pristine lands. Well, at least it won’t be blowing gases up into the water table and poisoning the water supply for thousands of acres. And not causing earthquakes. And the American people on the whole probably don’t even know it is just a second pipeline to the same location.

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