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Bill Shuster Gets Tough on Amtrak Food Concessions, Goes Woolly on the F-35

Republican Representative Bill Shuster is pulling out all the stops in congressional bill H.R. 749 to get Amtrak to cut, cut, cut its budget for paying the workers on its trains so that the federal government can stop paying $80 million a year to support Amtrak’s on-train food sales.

While we’re on the subject of transportation, the same Bill Shuster voted against budget cuts of $585 million a year to be realized by ending the practice of hiring two gigantic military hardware corporations to make two absolutely identical versions of the same engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter — an attack airplane that, years and years after its $160-million-per-plane, $1.5-trillion-overall funding, still hasn’t been approved for use because it just doesn’t work.

Bill Shuster: railing against peanuts, protecting the elephant.

2 thoughts on “Bill Shuster Gets Tough on Amtrak Food Concessions, Goes Woolly on the F-35”

  1. Ella says:

    Groan. Do any Democrats produce bills to cut spending? On what? But Amtrak really needs to stay alive.

  2. Ohio Vietnam war vet. says:

    Shuster = (R)atpublican – T-bagger Massive Greed-on-the-Plutocrat brain. Shuster and his Greed-monger Ratpublicans have a secret motto they live by daily: FEED THE RICH, STARVE THE POOR! Hey, Shuster, WWJD? Trillions for the Military Industrial Complex, pennies for the poor, old, sick and disabled. And you evil clowns call yourselves “Christians”, don’t you? What you do is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. Now that Forbes says that 500 U.S. families hold more wealth than 150 million Americans, aren’t you happy? The 4 Waltons hold $150 BILLION. Gee, those poor Waltons need more tax breaks, so I expect to see you and the rest of the running dogs give them even more tax exemptions. Tell you what, why don’t you and the rest of the Rat Party build a Walmart on the moon and then go there to run it? The 99% of Americans you screw daily would like that.

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