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Google Wants Kids To Use Apps On The Playground Instead Of Playing

This morning, Google placed an advertisement on Twitter, promoting its Google For Education program to sell Android tablets to kids. The advertisement, as you see below, shows kids outside on a playground, on a sunny day, sitting down, holding tablets, tapping on the screens…

google for education android tablet playground

… and not playing on the playground, getting exercise. They’re sitting and looking at abstract ideas, just as they do inside the classroom.

The message seems to be: Get your students an Android tablet from Google For Education, and video game learning can replace physical education. What Google genius thought that would be an effective piece of marketing?

It’s not an app, and it doesn’t provide data about student activities that can be entered into a spreadsheet, but running on the green grass, climbing playground equipment, throwing balls, and getting dirty knees following insects as they crawl along the ground is important.

It’s not Google Play. It’s just called play, and it’s 100% free.

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