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Corruption: $25,000 For Breakfast With Chris Christie

chris christie corruptionTomorrow morning, a group of 25 power brokers will have breakfast with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a luxury restaurant.

They won’t gain access to Governor Christie because they have important ideas, or because they have contributed to society in especially meaningful ways. The only reason that these people will have special time to talk with Chris Christie and his aides is that they have paid for the privilege to do so.

Each one of the 25 people in attendance at the breakfast with Chris Christie has become a bundler, delivering between $25,000 and $100,000 to Chris Christie’s personal political action committee.

Think about how much money a person has to have to be willing to throw away $25,000 and $100,000 just for a breakfast. Of course, these bundlers aren’t just getting a breakfast. They’re receiving the chance to ensure that New Jersey’s state government enacts policies that they and the people they represent can profit from. The money isn’t a gift. It’s a purchase of control over the Governor’s office.

How can Chris Christie engage in such blatant corruption while planning a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016?

Chris Christie is betting that voters won’t be paying attention. He’s betting that voters will pay more attention to his television commercials than to the news that he has set up a system of pay to play politics in New Jersey.

Is he right?

One thought on “Corruption: $25,000 For Breakfast With Chris Christie”

  1. Ella says:

    This has become standard political action as it has become mandatory to have such a large amount of money to run for President of the United States. All serious candidates do the same thing. Obama gets more and he is in office but is helping candidates of his party. What should be done is for people to stand up and say enough! No more money throwing for the office. Whoever gets the most get the office. That is wrong. All candidates should be required to run on what is provided and let those who want to talk with the candidate come to lunches and pay for their own. Then they can spend time getting to know the candidate and making whatever relationship thy seek, if possible without strings attached. But the money thrown around during a campaign lands in many pockets.

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