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The Steve Jobs I Knew

Steve jobs fast companyFast Company magazine has a cover story this month about Steve Jobs, the dead founder of Apple Computer.




Fast Company promises to tell me about “the Steve you didn’t know”.

I run with slow company myself, so the Steve Jobs I knew certainly was different from the one portrayed by Fast Company. I knew Steve as a member of ta knitting club in Skokie, Illinois. Steve would fly in from California to work on his scarves and to let off a little steam.

To be honest, Steve would have finished more scarves if he had used larger needles. I kept on telling him this, over the years, but he wasn’t very receptive to criticism. “Mind your own fabric, you twit,” he would snarl at me, but his mood would always soften a little bit after I brought him a nice hot cup of Sanka, his favorite.

Steve liked to work with acrylic fibers, in the earth tones, with a little bit of bright purple added in for pizzazz. It was a side of Mr. Jobs that the people at Apple never got to know. He never wore black turtlenecks while knitting, but favored Scandinavian sweaters, made with natural colored yarns.

What was the Steve Jobs you knew like?

Postscript: What kind of person has 25 favorite mutual funds? I can’t even name 25 kinds of ice cream I like.

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