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4 thoughts on “Water Conservation At A California Hotel”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:

    Mr Green,

    This kind of “conservation” is called DENIAL! The sad thing about this statement is, for the people who are the deniers, they are mentally unable to understand what is happening to them. Their intuition goes into crisis when they try to understand. It’s essentially PTSD for people who grow up in an entitled society. They can’t mentally deal with changes so drastic that their whole vision of the future might be taken away from them.

    Readers who want to dig deeper into this explanation might look at the discussions under the “psychology” tab at .

  2. ella says:

    The weather channel said that rain is coming to southern California today (4/7). Maybe the rains are returning, even gradually. The rains used to come all at once causing mudslides and floods – the Monsoon season. Maybe a more gentle rain will help – be drier – but help. The wealthy really do not care, until it starts really biting them, that they are doing something wrong. “After all, isn’t that what money is for?” It is an established frame of mind. is good. But it does not explain why people who initially try to help others are considered ‘givers’ and those who accept their help ‘takers’. Only a few ever see ‘good’ for what it is anymore, either wealthy or poor. There has developed a great ‘actors’ society where the players take on roles to use those who are, as yet, unaware of the play. Cynical, yes. Psychology documents behaviors which can be verified within society, whether learned behaviors or naturally occurring seems of little importance. And some of it is naturally occurring personality which could be directed to some degree by occurrences at any stage in life. That is my opinion.

    1. Bruce Nappi says:


      The weather channel report of rain is only a short-lived event. NASA issued a stern warning to the Governor last month that even more severe drought is coming. See That’s what led Jerry Brown to impose the 25% water ban. But Mark’s comment points to the big issue, which you summarized: “The wealthy really do not care, until it starts really biting them.” The point of my comment was to explain why they don’t care. It’s a human psychology PROBLEM. I used the term PTSD to try to imply how strong the denial is. Until society wakes up to the magnitude of this combined biological / culturally driven psychological epidemic, the denial will continue and drive society into a very devastating situation.

  3. Mark says:

    Until the biggest users of water in California (agriculture and industry) are required to limit their usage, “feel good” measures such as turning off fountains, not washing cars, not watering lawns, or replacing lawns entirely with native plants, will be pretty much meaningless. Water has long been subsidized by the state government and it’s the politically powerful agricultural and industrial users who benefit the most from cheap water. California needs to drastically increase the price of water up to fair market value. Only then will people really start to reduce their consumption.

    I drove across the Central Valley a couple years ago from Monterey to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Central Valley is a desert! Only the massive irrigation projects keep it alive and able to grow food. It’s not sustainable considering the changing climate. Less snow is falling in the mountains and reservoirs are perennially low. California no longer has the water to supply to its citizens AND agriculture. One of them is going to lose out.

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