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When People #StandWithRand, What Else Do They Have to Say? (What About You?)

Whatever else you might think about Republican Senator Rand Paul, he’s no Jeb Bush. Since Jeb Bush launched his #RightToRise hashtag on Twitter in January, it’s mostly been empty, only occasionally visited by people making fun of him. Jeb Bush has little popular support as a presidential candidate. Rand Paul clearly has a following, on the other hand. His #StandWithRand hashtag has been spoofed — spotted with “supportive” photoshopped campaign messages from fictionalizations of the mass killers Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes. But the Twitter stream for #StandWithRand is also quite active beyond the spoofing, featuring 756 “Tweets” within just the past 15 minutes. In these Tweets, the following words appear most often:

Rand Paul Word Cloud from his Twitter Feed April 7 2015

What words do you have to offer? What do you think of Rand Paul as a candidate for President?

3 thoughts on “When People #StandWithRand, What Else Do They Have to Say? (What About You?)”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:


    Your post is a good teaser to get an important discussion going. It’s clear to me that Rand Paul is carving out his own version of “what’s best for the country”. We’ve heard many times that the Republican party’s message will be split in this election. I think the same thing will happen with the Democrats. Obama reneged on his promises and stabbed a lot of his supporters in the back. So far, it appears Hillary will follow his path and sell out to Wall Street and the carbon money. So, someone is likely to emerge to carry the Elizabeth Warren message.

    What’s needed is action on two fronts. One is for every individual to wake up and evaluate each candidate at face value. Don’t link them with any labels. The second is for “rational” organizations to provide leadership in how to do this. I think the Irregular Times team can provide this in the form of an ORGANIZED approach to sorting out the “wheat from the chaff” as they say. To do this well, of course, it means really understanding the drivers of the issues, not just getting pulled along by the framing of the news.

    So, relative to your post, yes, it would be interesting for people to provide cute words. It would also be useful for people to submit opinions about Rand Paul. But more important is for your team to develop an approach for future posts that organizes all of this in the perspective of a comprehensive model for world sustainability. That, of course, is not an easy task because, at present, there are NO such voices prominent in the media. It would sound something like a cross between Jon Stewart and Democracy NOW, but with better organization. Good luck. I’ll be helping where I can.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Thanks, Bruce. It’s meant to be a teaser for discussion; you caught me. I am intrigued by Rand Paul because he seems to cross partisan divides on some issues (surveillance, especially), while remaining a staunch Republican in others. But I want to learn from others most of all regarding Rand Paul, and that means hearing what they have to say.

    I’m open in declaring, at least for myself, that I have no comprehensive model for world sustainability. I’m sorry, Bruce, but I just don’t have that solution. I despair at the prospect of there being a solution.

  3. Bruce Nappi says:


    I know the feeling of despair about world issues. But think about this question. What if we were living around 300 AD in Rome. There were signs all around us that the great Holy Roman Empire, the largest ever on earth, spanning from the north of Scotland, down into Africa, east to India, was on the brink of collapse. We were visited by a sorcerer who gave us a “crystal ball”. His magic words were, “type in a URL and you can talk to people around the world in an instant”. What would we do? We could chronicle the fall. But what for? To help some future culture avoid our mistakes? For amusement? To really try to understand what was happening and why?

    I claim we are at just such a point in time in a similar collapse. We are headed for a new Dark Ages. My goal is to find a group of people (Iceland is my current best choice) that will survive the apocalypse and help them figure out an entirely new culture that can avoid repeating the cycle a third time!

    This leads to the following question: what goals does Irregular Times have? Or maybe, what many goals do each contributor have? As I said, my research has turned up profound solutions. So I’m tagging along on the Irregular Times ride hoping to stumble on others in small communities that can benefit by what I’ve learned to be some of the survivors. And I hope to join them. I’ll pitch in viewpoint where I think they’ll help wisdom come out of the discussions.

    Keep up the good work.

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