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Yale University Claims Investment In Dirty Energy Is The Best Way To Deal With Climate Change

Yesterday, four dozen students entered Woodbridge Hall at Yale University, delivered flowers to the administrative staff, and then sat down. 19 of them were later arrested when they refused to leave at closing time.

The students were protesting Yale University’s substantial financial support for fossil fuels companies that pollute the environment and release immense amounts of greenhouse gases, accelerating the pace of climate change. They call their organization Fossil Free Yale.

Yale University has responded to the protests with a statement asserting that divestment from fossil fuel companies “wasn’t the right way to address global warming.” Instead, the Yale administration proposes that it engage in relatively small-scale sustainability programs, with “leadership by example and encouragement among peer institutions”.

So, Yale University asserts that talking about climate change a lot, and buying efficient light bulbs, while pouring billions of dollars into dirty fossil fuels, is the right way to address global warming? If that’s the kind of intellectual rigor they teach at Yale these days, maybe students should divest their dollars from the university.

4 thoughts on “Yale University Claims Investment In Dirty Energy Is The Best Way To Deal With Climate Change”

  1. Tom says:

    Just shows how “smart” Yale leadership is. That which makes them money is all that counts, the ethics can just work around it. ‘Brilliant.’

  2. Gary* says:

    Yale has a fiscal responsibility. Energy companies provide a value that is more beneficial to people than just about anything else, including the very students engaging in the protest. Divestment is not a wise idea.

  3. Tom says:

    Continuation of fossil fuel use is eco-cide.

  4. Gary* says:

    Not nearly as bad as the alternative. Expensive energy and poverty cause much greater issues. Of course, if this something that really concerns you, you should stop consuming fossil fuels.

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