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Canadians Who Seek To Censor Talk About Sex Complain They Have No Voice

people have no voice sex ed protestIn Toronto today, a small group of people gathered in a public park to protest against a sex ed program. They demanded that teachers be censored from speaking about certain topics related to sex.

A sign that they carried declared that: “People have no voice!”

What these people want to do is to stop teachers from using their voices. They don’t want teachers to mention same-sex sexual relationships. They don’t want teachers to be able to talk about masturbation. The protesters want teachers to be quiet about online bullying, and to be silent about sexting.

The sex ed program was developed by a democratically-elected provincial government, actually. The people had a voice when they chose to elect that government.

If people have no voice, what were those protesters doing out on the street, yelling about sex ed today?

If the protesters want people to have a voice, how come they’re trying to censor people from using their voices to teach the next generation the facts about sex?

Is what these people want for people to have sex, but silently, without voices?

Do they think that, if people just stop talking about sex, no one will have sex any more?

No one is stopping the Canadian sex-phobic protesters from talking. They can go on and use their voices all they like. That doesn’t mean anyone will respect what they have to say.

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