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Is The World Ready For Michael Oatman for President? Is Michael Oatman For President Ready For The World?

michael oatmanIn Tucson, a “computer and internet services consultant” named Michael Oatman ran for President in 2012. You probably missed his campaign while blinking. He ran for the Green Party nomination, but didn’t get close to earning as much support as Jill Stein. Like Jill Stein, Michael Oatman is throwing his hat into the ring again for the 2016 presidential election.

“My platform is about being fiscally conservative and socially progressive,” he writes. “We desperately need massive political reform. I would spend much more on education, less on defense, more on research for developing new technologies which can bring us energy independence, and we can re-tool our manufacturing industries to that end.”

Michael Oatman wasn’t always with the Green Party. In 2008, he ran for President as a Democrat. Who knows what party Oatman will run with this time?

The Libertarian Party seems not to be beyond consideration for Mr. Oatman, who wrote in 2012 that “you are voting against your self-interests if you vote for anyone except Gary Johnson (L) or Jill Stein (G)… Vote Gary Johnson (L) in 2012! I’ll be running again in 2016!”

4 thoughts on “Is The World Ready For Michael Oatman for President? Is Michael Oatman For President Ready For The World?”

  1. Michael Oatman says:

    OMIGOD! Thank you Peregrin Wood!

    You are the only one who has covered my campaign. Thank you. BTW, I am currently registered as a Democrat (“quelle horreur!”), and as such, I would love it that everyone else would also vote for Bernie Sanders, as you did not report, but is clearly listed on my website.

    I take no money. You may also wish to look at the:
    The Voting Rights Bill of Rights of 2016, just so that you do not get your self so tongue tied that your mouth cannot be unstrung.

    Happy Days And Vote Bernie!


  2. Michael Oatman says:

    Jill Stein did not win Apache County in 2012. Where are my delegates?

  3. Michael Oatman says:

    I would also invite all others, and you Peregrin, to watch my TV show, on demand, at for much more insight.

  4. Michael Oatman says:

    BTW, what about “The Body”, Jesse Ventura? That’s some Libertarian Comeuppence!

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