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7 Reasons I Need To Know The Top Los Angeles Art Power Couples

Susan Michals has written an article in ArtNet News listing the 10 Los Angeles Art Power Couples You Need To Know. I had not considered familiarity with any art power couple anywhere to be a necessity, and was prepared simply to dismiss the article, but then I paused to contemplate the possibilities.

The following are the seven reasons I need to know the top 10 Los Angeles art power couples after all:

1. You wouldn’t understand.

2. We’ve been looking for an alternative power source for a generation, and here they are, if not sustainable and clean, then certainly renewable.

3. Who else will introduce LA power art couples to the pleasure of pure, unrefined tap water if I don’t do it?

4. I’m waiting for Godot.


the scribble scream

6. All the other creative types are doing it.

7. At present, I don’t know any LA art power couples at all, and I have yet to have my work featured in the Getty Museum. The causal link is undeniable.

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Need To Know The Top Los Angeles Art Power Couples”

  1. Tom says:

    Your drawing looks like the only commemoration of the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf we’re likely to get from you guys, who i thought would be all over it. It’s alright, you can concentrate on Fukushima if you want, sometime, maybe.

  2. Dave says:

    This is a hoot, F.G. Truly funny. As a painter of sorts in the wee hours, I particularly like the accompanying illustration because … well … because … uh … you wouldn’t understand.

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