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The Republicans’ First 100 Days Controlling Congress Slammed

The Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress for 100 days now. About this milestone, Congressman Dale Kildee of Michigan had this to say: “Instead of passing legislation that would help American families buy a home or put away money to save for their kids’ college or save even for a secure retirement, we have seen again and again tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. That is the priority that supersedes the needs of the American family. Instead of focusing on growing paychecks and improving our infrastructure, a vital need, one that should be a bipartisan effort, we just continue to vote for more tax giveaways to the wealthiest special interests.”

Friends of the Earth commented, “This Congress is rewarding big oil, coal, gas, with votes, amendments, bills that attempt to undermine the fundamental bedrock laws that the environmental community has been fighting for the last 45 years.”

Congressman Steny Hoyer noted that, “From nearly shutting down the Department of Homeland Security over unrelated, anti-immigrant policies to struggling to pass their own partisan, unworkable budget, they have failed to govern responsibly and make progress on behalf of the American people. In fact, over the past hundred days, the Republican-controlled House has passed just six major pieces of legislation, and only three of these have been signed into law – all of which were bills to continue basic functions of government, such as funding the Department of Homeland Security. At the same time, they have been forced to pull their ESEA reauthorization bill, legislation attacking women’s rights, and a partisan border policy bill from the Floor as a result of intra-party division.”

Katie Valentine notes that the new Republican majority in Congress has been both determined to promote dirty fossil fuels, and inept in their efforts to do so. “In its first 100 days, the 114th Congress has cast more roll call votes on energy and environmental issues than on any other issue, according to a new report. Many of these votes sought to undermine environmental protections or fast track projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, but none of them have become law,” she writes.

What disasters will the next 100 days of Republican control of Congress bring?

2 thoughts on “The Republicans’ First 100 Days Controlling Congress Slammed”

  1. ella says:

    Huh, after finally gaining the majority in the House the Republicans were able to pass a budget that finally CUT the deficit, by 5.2 trillion dollars in 10 years. Hundreds of pieces of legislation that the House passed and sent to the Senate were not passed. Democrats broke the rules to gain a simple majority rules in the Senate, giving Obama anything he wanted and eliminating the votes of Republicans. Interesting how 7 years of botched legislating and leadership are being foisted off onto the minority party in both House and Senate for 7 years. Who have just been able to pass any legislation for 100 days. Give the Republicans 7 years to recover an unstable and stumbling economy. Then come back and say how the price of college tuition went up under Obama. And who established the original HARP program – go back in time.

    1. Mark says:

      “An unstable and stumbling economy.”
      Are we living in the same country? The economy is growing and doing well by any measure. Unemployment is down despite more people looking for work. The stock market is near record highs. Many companies are reporting excellent profitability. The US dollar is rising against the Euro and the Yen. The housing market is roaring back. Inflation is next to zero.

      By any comparison, the economy is stronger now than when Obama took office.

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