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Obama Withheld Report Revealing Little Knowledge Of Positive Impact Of NSA Spying On Americans

For the last decade, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been assuring us that the massive program by the National Security Agency that conducts daily electronic surveillance against the private communications of the American people is justified, because it protects us all from terrorists.

A federal report that was just released revealed that actually, the federal government has known for quite some time that there is little sound basis for any judgment of whether the NSA spying against Americans is of any help in preventing terrorism at all. The report states that intelligence officials “had difficulty evaluating the precise contribution of the PSP [President’s Surveillance Program] to counterterrorism efforts”. All those statements about how much the NSA surveillance was protecting us were just bluster.

This report has been available for six years. Over those six years, we’ve been told over and over again, the NSA’s intrusion into our emails, phone calls, and Internet activity were necessary. President Obama could have, over that time, admitted that there was no justification for the NSA abuses. Instead, he has withheld the truth, and accused Edward Snowden of being a traitor for blowing the whistle.

2 thoughts on “Obama Withheld Report Revealing Little Knowledge Of Positive Impact Of NSA Spying On Americans”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:

    The wording of the article in the email ends a little different from the wording on the website. It says, “For six years, we’ve been lied to.” This is why, when I started my series of novels, based on years of research on the failure of communications in modern society, I named the series LIARS! Society is engulfed, completely, in a sea of lies. There are NO institutions free of this. The reason, unfortunately, is tragically simple: the founding principles which underlie human culture are false. My first two volumes, all 1400 pages, summarize the major faults.

    Focusing on the point of your post, why has society designed our government structures so that government leaders CAN lie and are ALLOWED to lie? This might seem like a simple question, but it is far from simple. Most humans lie on a regular basis. It has been shown we inherited this “skill” from our simian ancestors. For animals, it is a “non violent” means of resolving conflicts. People are in complete denial about the extent lying pervades society. The “rubber meets the road” when we try to stop it. People quickly realize, even though unconsciously, “what goes around comes around”. Putting controls in place to end lying will soon come around and get them. So they resist it, ironically, based on a well learned long list of philosophical lies – “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, “we live in a free society”, “freedom of speech” etc. AND, since the wolves are in charge of the hen house, government officials protect themselves with the strongest safeguards.

    Readers who want to dig deeper into this issue might look at the discussion about the “multiple religions problem” under the “truth” tab at . Summarizing this problem: 1. Putting multiple religions together in one location is NEW for modern society. Society doesn’t understand the implications. To deal with it, to maintain order, people with very limited understanding of broad issues introduced HUGE foundational faults into our culture that are total nonsense. (Freedom of Religion for example) Yet very few people understand this. 2. When governments attempt to operate, but their basic foundations are nonsense, very bad things can happen.

  2. Ella says:

    Snowden probably did the government a favor by doing what he did. It did publicly expose what, at least most of, the countries involved already knew. But it was a huge embarrassment to be publicly called out on it. An article recently published in Reuters mentions Putin has been listening in on Obama’s non-classified phone calls. An obvious play on the NSA, and coincidentally (?) a reminder of Obama listening in on Angela Merkels personal phone calls. This has got to be humiliating. The real question is, How long has the government really been spying on personal phone calls? Was it just more convenient to build a huge facility that would last for the foreseeable future, than doing it the old way? And how many calls can even a machine listen to at one time and make any sense of them? Government is paranoid by nature, justifiable so. The U.S. doesn’t have a patent on that. Now that it is public, will it stop those who use the airwaves to plot? I doubt it.
    The founders of the Constitution were either Christian or Agnostic politicians and businessmen. I doubt they thought ahead any further than carefully crafting a document that was acceptable the Christians and Agnostics of their time, other than to make a document that was flexible enough to survive the ages. That they should make no law respecting any religion appears to mean they did not respect any religion, but that all could worship G_d in their own way. That would seem to say that making a new religion to worship would be acceptable, but that all had that right and no one has the right to deface someone else’s religion, including Agnosticism or Atheism. Nor does the government have a right to intervene in those religions unless said religion is a public threat. Civil disobedience belongs to the realm of law enforcement. And G_d have mercy on victims, the weak, and the slow. They are too easy to catch. (Please do not misunderstand me, I am not commenting on recent events.)

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