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The Ineffectual Landscaping Fabric of Despair


What this landscaping fabric was not good for: restraining weeds.  As you can see, roots have shot right through it.

What this landscaping fabric is great for: poking up through the weeds that have taken over the spot in garish white plastic strips.

The previous inhabitants of my home laid this stuff down meaning well, I’m sure, but I was really glad to rip it out.  The positive side of all that work is a whole lot of overturned soil.  I have 20 square feet to plant in a semi-shady spot, oh boy oh boy.  Whatever shall I put there?  I can’t decide whether empty possibility or actual germination is better.

3 thoughts on “The Ineffectual Landscaping Fabric of Despair”

  1. J Clifford says:

    I have never seen a landscaping fabric that holds up over time. Semi-shady? Paw paw trees.

  2. Ella says:

    Only 20 square feet, a tree would be pretty but how about pomegranates? Mix in some coir and compost, divide some small oblong sections out and have a kitchen garden. Fresh herbs, salad greens, your favorite veggies. Imagine fresh potatoes, sweet or baking, and maybe tomatoes, parsley and basil with chives to put on the baked potato. And they grow so quickly.

  3. Tom says:

    If you already have the herb and veggie garden Ella suggests, go with some perennial flowers mixed with some nice bright annuals or just cover the whole thing until bulb planting time with dark, rich leaf compost.

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