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Act Fluoride and the Expense of Germ Warfare

This afternoon, as I was finishing shopping for my family, I came upon two fluoride rinses.  We live in the country and draw from well water, so a fluoride rinse is necessary for the kiddos.  I couldn’t help but notice that there were two versions of ACT brand fluoride for sale at two different prices:



I noticed that the more expensive ACT promises more to the consumer: the joy of killing nasty, evil germs. What’s the chemical responsible for this righteous germ warfare?  Let’s look at the ingredients and compare them.



Well, my word.  Other than different dyes, the ingredient lists are exactly the same.  How curious.  I had no idea that spending more money for the same product had an antibiotic effect.

One thought on “Act Fluoride and the Expense of Germ Warfare”

  1. Ella says:

    Not only that you can pay far less for it under a store brand. However, if you want to keep your personal pearlies well enameled, I recommend ACT Restore. It actually works. Also, Synsodine Repair and Protect (Actually recommended for that purpose.) will help your children s teeth as well, if they are the adult teeth. Jut brush their teeth and their done. Enamel wears away through time anyway. It is nice that today there is a way to rebuild it. Actually, I bought some of the Floride, but I know how to use it. Even then it is dangerous. I would not allow a child to use it under any circumstances. It is not only highly poisonous if swallowed, if not thoroughly rinsed out of the mouth and tooth area, it will in time rot the root of the teeth. It must be used very sparingly and mouth rinsed three or four times carefully. Better to lightly dab on with a cotton swab, let set for one minute and follow the rinse procedure, once a week. Ask your dentist to be honest with you and you will be able to verify what I have just said.

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