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Hillary Clinton Illegally Coordinates With Priorities USA Super PAC

When the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that political action committees could raise unlimited funds to support or oppose candidates for federal office, it was promised that we needn’t worry about the money leading to corruption, because it would remain illegal for candidates and their campaigns to coordinate with the PACs, and therefore, no direct bribery could occur. In fact, candidates have been crossing this theoretical barrier behind the scenes ever since the Citizens United ruling was handed down, and the FEC has done nothing to stop the corrupt activity.

hillary clinton corruption priorities usaNow, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign is bringing the corruption out into the light of day – not by confronting in it, but by engaging in the corruption openly. Clinton has begun making statements in public encouraging her supporters to dump large amounts of money into the Priorities USA Action PAC, which will be spending the money to support the Clinton for President campaign. Hillary Clinton is openly coordinating with Priorities USA in violation of federal elections law, encouraging people to use the PAC to give her what are essentially huge bribes.

I’m not writing this as a right wing Hillary hater. I’m a liberal, not a conservative, but I don’t think it matters much whether politicians use progressive or regressive talk to mask their corruption. All political corruption is inherently conservative, as it supports the unjust power of wealthy families and huge corporations. Progressives are not well represented by candidates like Clinton who support the interests of financial elites in return for big money.

The electoral system that the Supreme Court assured us would prevent corruption is no longer functioning. The Federal Election Commission isn’t doing anything to stop this criminal activity on the part of the Clinton for President campaign, because the FEC has been purposefully deadlocked by Democratic and Republican appointees who are content to allow bribery of presidential and congressional candidates to spread.

There is one more line of defense of democracy that can stop Hillary Clinton: Voters. Democratic voters have the responsibility to take a stand against the obvious corruption of the Hillary Clinton campaign by supporting one of her Democratic rivals. Support for the Bernie Sanders campaign would be especially helpful, given that he has pledged to take no corporate money at all, while the other Democratic presidential candidates have been less than clear on the subject.

Some Clinton loyalists will howl at the suggestion that Democratic voters turn away from their candidate. They’ll say that we’ll throwing the election to the Republicans. They’ll say that Hillary Clinton has no choice but to match the big money politics of the Republicans. They’ll say that it’s sexist not to support a female candidate for President.

First of all, it’s sexist to vote for a female candidate just because she’s female. To do so is to reduce the candidate to nothing but her gender, which is one of the least consequential things any candidate brings to the job. Also, Hillary Clinton is not the only female candidate for President. Jill Stein is the front runner in the Green Party presidential contest.

Democratic stalwarts will tell you that a vote for Bernie Sanders of Jill Stein is a waste, because Sanders and Stein can’t win. This argument is a tautology, of course. Sanders and Stein can’t win because wimpy liberal voters are afraid to support candidates who actually represent their values. They’re convinced that their votes are owned by the Democratic Party.

Well, you get what you vote for. If you want to be owned by the Democratic Party, which is being controlled by Hillary Clinton, who is being paid off by the 1 Percent financial elites, the choice you’re making is to support the corruption, to be bought off by it yourself.

If Democrats are going to be such passive citizens, why should they bother to vote at all? Why don’t they just stand by and clap, as the corporations and wealthy families of America announce who the Democratic nominee will be?

Priorities USA Action says that it “will define a clear choice for the American public during the 2016 presidential election”.

Are you going to allow this corrupt dark money super PAC to buy you off? We have to do better than that.

If Hillary Clinton’s corruption leads liberal voters to give their support to other presidential candidates, and then the Republicans win the White House, it will be Hillary Clinton who has thrown the election.

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