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Corrogan R. Vaughn For Something, With Some Party

When Republican presidential candidates stand up on a stage and compete over who can say the most outrageous things, as they did at a Citizens United conference held this weekend in South Carolina, it looks like a desperate grab for attention. It seems that Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and the rest don’t care much what other people think of them, so long as they’re being talked about.

corrogan r. vaughnThat attitude, writ small, also seems to motivate the campaign Corrogan R. Vaughn, a Republican candidate for… something. Vaughn calls himself a “faith leader”, but as a politician, he doesn’t demonstrate steady faith in much of anything – not even the office he’s running for.

In 2010, Corrogan R. Vaughn first ran for U.S. Senate, but then switched to running for Governor of Maryland. Vaughn started out that campaign year as a Republican, but then changed his party affiliation to the Green Party before declaring himself an independent.

Six years later, Corrogan R. Vaughn is at it again. He’s back with the Republican Party, and this time, he’s running for President of the United States… or is he? The FEC lists Vaughn as a Republican presidential candidate, but includes his filing papers with the Vaughn 4 US Senate committee. Yet, Vaughn says that he is seeking the to replace U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings in Maryland’s 7th congressional district.

Whatever public office Corrogan R. Vaughn aims for this time around, and whatever political party he will finally align himself with, his ideas are unmistakably nasty. Vaughn bitterly attacks equality between heterosexual and homosexual Americans, writing that, “LIFE! LIBERTY! AND THE PURSUIT Of HAPPINESS in NO WAY gives anyone the right to invoke the perversion of fallen empires like the Roman Empire or Saddam or Gamora.”

Vaughn’s idea of liberty and the pursuit of happiness seems only to include the liberty to pursue the kind of life that Vaughn and his allies in the religious right approve of… and the liberty to listen to Vaughn rant, seeking attention in emulation of better funded Republican candidates.

2 thoughts on “Corrogan R. Vaughn For Something, With Some Party”

  1. Daniel Kenny says:

    I would hate to vote for him for any public office in my neighborhood. It is really bad when he is
    not sure what he wants to run for, what issues he stands for or anything. It is almost like he is
    rowing a rowboat with one ore. It goes with the old saying, “He doesn’t have both ores in the water.
    He changes his mind faster than most women change their underware on their time of the month.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    I have the unfortunate opportunity to admit that I worked for a few months on one of his campaigns. Once I learned about the con man behind the mask, I easily got him riled up enough to publicly display the kind of man he is. I could go on and on about how twisted this man is. Maybe another time.

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