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House Democrats Link Fatal Train Derailment To Republican Blockage Of Transportation Bill

purple congressThis morning, House Democrats held a press conference in which U.S. Representatives Xavier Becerra and Joe Crowley linked House Republicans’ failure to pass a transportation funding bill with a train accident near Philadelphia last night that killed at least six people.

Becerra noted that the Republican leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives has forced transportation funding legislation to wait while Republican legislation to promote right wing social issues has been allowed to take center stage. “We are watching our Republican colleagues,” he said, “return to their social agenda at a time when we are less than three weeks away from watching money for our transportation programs expire… All this time we are using on the congressional calendar to do a social agenda instead of doing the work of the American people.”

4 thoughts on “House Democrats Link Fatal Train Derailment To Republican Blockage Of Transportation Bill”

  1. Ella says:

    Whoops, the work for the American people is the social agenda. Of course part of that is transportation and this is the same type of accident that happened once before and this time with all of the recommended safety precautions. Even the rail executive said the bells and whistles were all in place and they will need to investigate further to see what happened and if anything can be done. Sometimes a law doesn’t cover the problem. You cannot legislated a cure for human weaknesses.

  2. Ohio Vietnam war vet. says:

    (R)atpublicans in Congress might as well change their names to Rush or Lush Limbaugh / Limpbaugh and get it over with. Of course, Rush / Lush is one of the biggest greedy / over-paid / nasty jerks on the planet. He should retire to a septic tank somewhere since what’s in there is what he’s full of! I live in Ohio and Boner Boehner is a massive disgrace to our state. Talk about a guy whose head is where the sun doesn’t shine—that’s cry-baby boozer Boehner! There must be a sun tanning bed in Boehner’s hersey highway—where else would he get his tan? As you can tell, I’m VERY P.O.ed at these dangerous clowns. I don’t think there is a zoo that would take these cruddy creatures.

  3. Tom says:

    Though the neglect of infrastructure is causing serious problems with public safety and the (efficient) delivery of necessities like electricity, potable water and sewage treatment systems, in this case the NTSB has determined that the crash was due to driver error (going twice the posted speed going into a turn). We still have track maintenance and deteriorated bed problems, overhead and underground bridge and tunnel erosion, explosive and toxic gas build up in underground railroad sections, and serious equipment deterioration and upgrade troubles that are not being funded.

  4. Mark says:

    Here in SC we have arguably the worst transportation infrastructure in the country. Last year our SC DOT estimated that they would need an additional $1.5 billion per year over the next 25 years to bring the system up to par. It was a big issue in our gubernatorial election last fall. Nikki Haley, our Republican governor running for re-election, said she had a plan that she would reveal after the election. She adamantly said that it would not include an increase in the state gasoline tax (currently nearly the lowest in the country). She won (surprise, surprise) and released her plan earlier this year. The major part of her plan was to reform the SC DOT so they could “do more with less money”. She did propose to increase the gas tax enough to raise about $500 million per year, but insists that the increase in revenue be offset by a comparable decrease in the state income tax (but never detailing which sections of the government would have to be cut due to the loss in revenue). Even the Republican led House and Senate have said it’s a useless plan that will not address the state’s needs. So, now we’ve got a Republican governor who is threatening to veto Republican legislation that would increase the tax on gas (but still not enough to raise $1.5 billion annually) without the decrease in the income tax.

    Talk about dis-functional Republicans. They can’t govern even when they have complete control.

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