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Chicago Air Stinks

Do the natives not smell the pollution? They may not be able to see it from the ground, but Chicago is thick with smog. The skies are brown here.

Chicago smog

Put the issue of climate change aside for a second. This pollution is deadly serious – literally. People die from this.

How can Congress continue to coddle fossil fuels companies when the skies of our cities are in this condition?

2 thoughts on “Chicago Air Stinks”

  1. Tom says:

    Though it’s unconscionable what the fossil fuel/Big Energy firms are doing to us – for our own good, mind you – it’s business as usual for them. Industrial civilization has toxic by-products, pollution and allows for an overabundance of humans to the detriment of all else. The flip side of our “easy” way of life is that our planet can no longer sustain us (because all the other species we depend on can’t adapt fast enough to the climate change we created through our induced chemical imbalance of the atmosphere and biosphere). Not only are they awarded enormous subsidies by our government, they actually think they are doing something good – providing energy for human life! Since humanity has gotten used to this, there is no alternative now. Oh sure, you can go all “green” with solar panels and the like, but they too depend on oil and mining for their manufacture, distribution and maintenance. Civilization will just keep going until it can’t, then finally humanity will see what they have done.

  2. Tom says:

    Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

    ‘Shocking’ revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments

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