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Catholic Vote Wants To Spread Natural Marriage

natural marriageOn Friday, an organization called Catholic Vote began a national campaign to “support natural marriage”. The campaign consists of members of the Catholic church praying and fasting on Fridays. The idea is that, by having Catholics abstain from eating food and talk to themselves as often as possible, laws about marriage will change.

Let’s see if that works. The national campaign will end on June 30. If natural marriage has become the law of the land by June 30, we might conclude that Catholics have summoned some kind of holy power through their actions.

But then, there’s a problem. In order to test the effectiveness of this prayer and hunger campaign to impose natural marriage upon the United States, we first have to understand what natural marriage is.

I’ve never met anybody who had a natural marriage before. I’ve never even heard strangers on the street talking about what a natural marriage might be.

There are a couple of possibilities I can think of.

First, a natural marriage might be a marriage in which the spouses solemnly agree to eat natural foods, to make all their own clothes from plant fibers and animal hides, and avoid riding in cars and airplanes.

Second, a natural marriage might be the kind of marriage that isn’t created through the artifice of government certification or religious ceremony, but just when two people start hanging out together and decide to refer to themselves as a married couple.

Which of these do you think is the proper definition of natural marriage, and why do you think Catholics are choosing to promote it now?

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