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DesignTShirtsFree[Dot]Com and SunFrog Shirts: “Printed in the USA”… but MADE in a Sweatshop

Today, some cheesehead from a website called DesignTShirtsFree[Dot]Com posted a spam comment at Irregular Times, advertising for some fairly stupid t-shirts with “Keep Calm and [BLANK] On” and “It’s a [BLANK] Thing… You Wouldn’t Understand” printed on them, selling for $25 a pop.  On most days, I’d just delete the stupid piece of spam and move on.  But today I did a bit of checking.  Here’s what I found:

Idiotic SunFrog T-Shirts Sports Team Blah Blah Babble Fan T-Shirt: Marked Up $6 Profit to Seller Per Shirt.  Gildan Workers who make shirts for the likes of SunFrog earn $6 A DAY.1.  DesignTShirtsFree makes about $6 of profit for every $25 shirt it sells through an online t-shirt sales operation called SunFrog Shirts.  SunFrog gets the rest — which is, according to its FAQ page, $19 a shirt.

2.  SunFrog Shirts declares that “we use a Gildan brand shirt.”

3.  Gildan’s t-shirt workers in Haiti earn $6 for a day’s labor producing these shirts, a December 2014 Washington Post investigation discovered.

4.  Also in December 2014, the Toronto Globe and Mail investigated Gildan shirt factories “in Montreal, Canada, it has factories in Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti – which is still reeling from the 2010 earthquake….

“Archil Feraire, 32, said he was fired from his job as a machine operator in April due to his union activism. He lives in a three-room cinder-block shack with his wife and two children and earned £74 a month. ‘The salary is so low, you can only pay for food,’ he said.

“Many workers have to borrow money from loan sharks, such as mother-of-three Marie-Bénie Clerjo, 32, who lives is one small room where she and her children sleep on two beds. There’s no kitchen, toilet or sink, and she is two months behind in her rent.

“‘We are not treated like humans, we are treated like animals,’ she said. ‘I am living a miserable life.'”

SunFrog tries to deflect the sweatshop issue by placing a message on every page where it sells a Gildan shirt: “Printed in the USA!” the message declares, with a little tiny American flag next to the message.

That may be.  But the shirts themselves are made by Gildan.  As the Washington Post and Toronto Globe and Mail have discovered, Gildan is a sweatshop operator.  If SunFrog were honest, the image on its website would look like this:

Made In A Sweatshop

At the beginning of the day, I was upset about a little bit of annoying spam.  At the end of the day, I’m infuriated to learn of some people’s profit from other people’s misery.

9 thoughts on “DesignTShirtsFree[Dot]Com and SunFrog Shirts: “Printed in the USA”… but MADE in a Sweatshop”

  1. ella says:

    And they are made by an American entrepreneur. Doesn’t it make you proud to share the name American with SunFrog? (sarcasm) Vote for Bernie Sanders. His wife, Jane Sanders is a wonderful person too. Just imagine a country where all business owners had to get civilized and treat their workers like human beings. I do not mean to change the subject. I just think that, in this instance, a little political activism is in good taste if it can change some very bad habits of some very greedy business people. Thank you for bringing this to light. I know I would never buy from them, but then now maybe a lot of others will not either. I hope those suffering worker get relief soon.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I hope so, too. Please spread the word if you can.

      1. Merlynne R. Backstrom says:

        Hi, Jim Cook: it’s 1 September 2017 and there is a new ad online for a Steeler t-shirt and they claim 100% made in the USA! Why is this company allowed to outright LIE like this? by the way, thank you for the article you wrote. I posted a link to it on their post for the t-shirt and they say it isn’t true and offered me a 55% discount! I won’t buy from Gildan or SunFrog. Thanks for the facts! I think a follow-up is needed as they are still lying!

  2. andrew says:

    I’m confused… What about the other T-Shirt giants that we all use such as TeeSpring, Represent, CustomInk, etc; they ALL print on Gildan products. Gildan a FAIR LABOR ASSOCIATION accredited company so if this story is completely accurate… shouldn’t we be looking to the FLA to increase their standards?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Yes. For years, Students Against Sweatshops has referred to FLA as “the flaw.” It is a corporate front group.

    2. Denise says:

      I agree with you, Andrew. They all use Gildan, so why is one company being singled out here? Totally unprofessional of this website in my opinion.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        We’ve “singled” other Gildan-using companies too. I notice you’re criticizing on style points rather than substance.

  3. John says:

    What t shirts are made in the USA besides American Apparel?

    1. John Thielking says:

      No Sweat Apparel has union made t-shirts and a union print shop. Their prices are competitive with local non union print shops. I’m considering going with them over some place like Custom Ink, even though No Sweat Apparel doesn’t offer organic cotton as an option. They do offer ‘natural’ cotton color for the same price as white, which cuts out the majority of the chemicals that could be used on a shirt, such as chlorine bleach and who knows what kind of ink to dye the shirt colors with. Does anyone here know about the working conditions at Custom Ink? They do print on sweatshop shirts but they also offer American Apparel in organic and regular cotton.

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