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NOAA: Globally, the First Four Months of 2015 were the Hottest on Record

One town’s weather is not the same as global climate.

It’s easy to lose track of the difference because as humans we pay more attention to what we see with our own eyes and pay less attention to what we don’t see.  It’s even easier to lose track of the difference between local weather and global climate when leaders like Senator Jim Inhofe go on TV to throw a snowball gathered from a winter snowbank in the Washington, DC area and declare that this disproves “global warming hysteria,” like he did in February 2015. Psst… did you know that Senator Inhofe’s largest source of campaign contributions is the oil and gas industry?

James Inhofe isn’t wrong when he says that the Winter of 2015 was cold around Washington, DC: NOAA’s U.S. climate report released last week confirms that 10 Northeastern U.S. states did experience unusual coldness in the first four months of 2015.  But he is wrong to extrapolate from this local weather pattern to a denial of the trend of global warming. NOAA’s global climate report, also released last week, shows that during the same period — the first four months of 2015 — the globe reached a record high in temperature overall:

NOAA Global Land and Ocean Temperature Anomalies for January through April of every year from 1880 to 2015

That’s what global warming looks like.



6 thoughts on “NOAA: Globally, the First Four Months of 2015 were the Hottest on Record”

  1. ella says:

    Of course it was cold in D.C., look at what is going on there. (Humor) If this El Nino progresses to become a very strong season by this fall, as it seems it may, we could be in for another long winter. The record rains in Texas, flooding is not unusual with El Nino, but this was a record, falls into the extreme weather category predicted by global warming scientists.
    So, NOAA has released the Forth month report and the temperature IS going up. Here is an historical record showing how about 5000 year cycles run. About every 5000 years climate makes a shift to another “season”. Like now we have entered into “summer”. Remember the Maya celebration of 5325 years? But there is a difference this time as told at this site:

  2. ella says:

    I forgot to mention, thank you for the climate extremes link. That will come in handy over this summer.

    1. Jim Cook says:


  3. Tom says:

    You should probably read this ella (and Jim if you’re interested)

    Capitalism Threatens All Life on the Planet

    1. ella says:

      Would you believe I saved this, and today I finally found it again. The drought in California is still ongoing and El Nino is whipping itself up to be a ‘super storm’. Speaking of super storms, how about Patricia. Huge tornado over water called a hurricane with 200 MPH winds. It would appears we are beginning to feel the changes in climate, not just hear about them.

  4. ella says:

    I saw an article on TV that had this explanation for the California drought: The Earth has entered a near sun orbit causing atmospheric heating. It is a regular cycle and has predictable effects on atmospheric wind currents. In this case, the polar ‘vortex’ is wobbling around the Antarctic, which in turn is causing a change in oscillation placements. Between the equatorial and polar oscillations, the tropical oscillation is bending to fit the new wobble of the polar oscillation, sending it far north of the old position. The article continued to say that this will persist for possibly hundreds of years and that the west coastal areas now effected by the drought will remain dry during that time.

    Of course that is not to say that rain will cease altogether, but it will continue in a much reduced state. If this is to persist for that long a period, it would seem that the population must decline in that region. But then since the San Andrea fault is supposed to fire off, when that happens perhaps many people will move. Since the Earth does work in that cycle, it would seem then,that we have advanced into the “summer” cycle.

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