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Sanders vs. Clinton on the War in Iraq

There are many good reasons to disapprove of the 21st century war in Iraq.  There are grounds of ethical integrity: the country rushed to war on the basis of lies.  There are grounds of moral integrity: a third of a million people lost their lives in that war, more than 150,000 of them civilians.  There are strategic grounds: the war didn’t improve American interests, with no threat from Iraq in 2002 and an unmanageable threat from Iraq in 2015.  There are economic grounds: to date, the costs of the war in Iraq have reached $818 billion.  That’s $818,000,000,000.  How much is that much money?  If you counted one of the dollar bills spent in Iraq every second, and never stopped, it would take you 25,358 years to count it all.  Imagine what we could have accomplished instead.

It’s too late to take back the war in Iraq.  That’s done.  But the war in Iraq could have been stopped.  It could have been prevented, if only the members of the U.S. Congress had voted against an authorization for war in 2002.

Two former members of the U.S. Congress of 2002 are running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

On October 11 2002, Senator Hillary Clinton cast a vote in favor of going to war in Iraq.

On October 10 2002, Representative Bernie Sanders cast a vote against going to war in Iraq.

You remember the false case for war.  You’ve seen the carnage.  You’ve counted the losses.  When it mattered, you know what these two politicians chose to do.

Who would you trust to sit in the Oval Office in 2017?

5 thoughts on “Sanders vs. Clinton on the War in Iraq”

  1. Marc Heineman says:

    I have sent Senator Sanders a modest donation for his campaign and hope to support in grass root efforts. I wrote the Clinton campaign months ago after receiving a solicitation that I did not appreciate receiving a multi page letter basically saying vote for her because she is less bad than any of the republicans . I did not feel compelled to pledge my support for her at that time.

  2. ella says:

    I followed a link yesterday that asked “Are You Ready to Vote for A Democrat like Me?” And had a picture of Sanders and Clinton with Clinton standing behind Sanders. To see what it let to I signed on and the next link led to a “Good!!” Now contribute to me!” for Hillary Clinton. That has got to be the greediest female in the world. Selfish, self centered, user, willing to do or say anything for more power and money. Be very sure, this country will suffer if she and Bill go to the White House.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      In that clip, Ralph Nader actually says “No,” he would NOT prefer Rand Paul over Hillary Clinton — that he would only prefer Rand Paul over Clinton on certain issues.

      I remember feeling that way in 2004, though. I certainly had candidates I preferred, but I remember thinking “I would be OK with a result in which someone like John McCain got the presidency this year. Anybody but Bush again.”

  3. ella says:

    Who would you rather have in the White House at 3 A.M., when the phone rang, and it was an emergency, it was Putin on the phone? JEB or Hillary?

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